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    Which is the best EV scooter available in the market?

    To save money, I wish to buy a EV-Scooter that runs on electricity. I see a lot of ads on such EV scooters, but confused with its mileage speed and performance.
    Can ISC members throw some light on the best EV scooters and recommend the best to buy?
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    By the way I am also confused about the Ev scooters which were of the late are hitting more in the market. But all are different make and there is no particular choice to mention. Some are cycle model, some are improvised moped model and some look like scooters. Most of the best make Ev scooters are costing between 70,000 to 80,000 based on horse power or the battery power. But invariably there are no much takers in these segments but I feel Hero EV scooter are almost looking like ordinary scooters and it can easily pull two persons without fail. Still the Ev market is not opened up.
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    Though very economical, Ev Scooters cannot be used like fuel vehicles. Their range is very limited, and also their speed. Ev Scooters take a lot of time to recharge the batteries. It is not good for long rides. It is only fit for home to office and back use. It is a silent vehicle without any noise.
    The speed of a normal Ev scooter is about 40 kmph only. It doesn't require any Registration. Its range is about 60 km per charge (7 hrs charge) It costs rs. 40,000/-
    The speed of advanced Ev scooter is about 80 kmph, and its range is about 80 km. It costs Rs.1,30,000/-
    Utterly confused.

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    Many EV scooters are available now in India. But the problem is that they are not useful for long-distance. Battery charging is a problem. One of my distant relatives who stay in Bangalore purchased an Electric car. But he is facing problems in his complex as the people in the complex are not allowing him to charge in the common area even though he prepared to pay money separately for it.
    Anyhow the following are some brand of Electric scooters available.
    1. Ather 450X. It may cost around 1.4 lakhs. Once the battery is charged you can travel up to 110Kms.
    2. Bajaj Chetal. The cost is around 1.1 Lakhs. Once the battery is charged you can travel up to 90 Kms.
    3. Revolt RE 400. The cost maybe4. around 1.1 Lakhs. Once the battery is charged you can travel up to 150 Kms.
    4. Hero Electric optima LA. This vehicle may cost you around 0.5 lakhs. Once the battery is charged you can travel up to 50 Kms.
    5.PURE EV Epluto. This may cost you around Rs.75,000/-. Once the battery is charged you can travel up to 80 Kms.

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    Slowly the whole world is moving towards the electric vehicles mainly to control the pollution as well as to have less dependency on non renewable energy sources. We do not have unlimited reserves of the petroleum and it is imperative that we have to switch to EV as early as possible. There are many brands now available in the market and more are to be introduced soon. Many automobile companies are doing serious work in this direction. There are some difficulties in the early phases like recharging or replacement of the batteries. It means that many such stations equivalent to petrol stations are to be now made in all the cities or even towns. Once the sale of these EVs increases then people will start opening up the battery stations and then this mode will become more and more common. When production of these vehicles increases the cost may also come down.
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    It would be nice if there are battery banks that would keep the charged batteries available for replacement of discharged batteries. We should go to the battery bank, off load the discharged battery, load the charged battery, pay the cost, and move on withing few minutes. Such battery banks should be available like the fuel stations. Else, the existing fuels stations should have the battery banks. Then we can consider buying e-scooters or e-cars.

    Since e-cars and e-scooters have limited speed, there won't be any accident.

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