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    Honesty is a sweet thing. Can you justify it?

    If I say that Honesty is a sweet word, can you justify it? A honest person is a loveable person. Everyone likes a honest person. A honest person is welcomed by all. A honest person would never cheat others. Honesty is the best policy - a proverb. We can talk a lot about honesty.
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    When we have more sinners, cheaters, and wrong doers, the honest person gets dwarfed among them and often honest persons are not given credence and those who are wrong would always chase him to some where. Honesty is the best policy goes the old saying. And those who are honest have always won the hearts and they are being sought after by other honest persons and thus a peer group of honest people are formed and they in turn benefit the society with their good thoughts and habits. One thing sure, one in hundred honesy person is enough to change the society and change the people.
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    Although we have had some discussions about honesty before, even then the word itself is a big topic, so it can be seen in a new form every time. The word honesty and honest is really sweet and in today's time, the lack of honest people in the society has made this word more special. But is honesty always possible in favor of others? I mean whether a person is honest or not, it is dependent on his behavior and actions with others or it can be any other aspect.
    An important form of honesty is, to be honest with ourselves as well as others. You agree or not, but it is a big challenge for us whether we are honest with ourselves or not. It is the nature of us humans that we lie to ourselves many times and then believe the same lie. A simple meaning of honest means that your thoughts are pure and you do every action in the same way as it is without any adulteration. This is a different aspect of honesty in my opinion.

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    If not immediately even after some time, an honest person will get the recognition. One should be honest and should not expect any recognition for his honesty. Being honest is our duty. If somebody deceives us how we feel, the same way the other person also feel if we deceive him.
    Honesty is very sweet for the person who likes it. We have seen people who suffer many sufferings to stay honest. That should be the policy of all the persons. We were told a story during our childhood. One woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe in the river. He was worried as the next day he has no way to earn his livelihood. Meanwhile, the river God came out with a Gold axe and asked the wood cutter whether that is his axe. Honestly, he said that axe is not his axe. Then the God went into the river and surfaced again with a silver axe and shown it to the woodcutter. Agin the person replied to the God that it is not his axe. Then God came out with the axe of the woodcutter and shown it to him. He happily said that is his axe. The river God is very happy with the honest woodcutter and gave him all the three axes.
    The story tells us that honesty will always pay its dividends to the individual.

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    Honest are really great people but these creatures are on verge of extinction. Gradually, these people dying and honesty is being burried with them or cremated on pyre with honest people. I think everybody is honest until he gets a big opportunity of dishonesty. I have experienced many people who speak tall talk about their honesty but when they got an opportunity to earn money or acquire land or property by dishonest means they forgot all their best lectures on honesty is the best policy. And they, shamelessly, resume giving us lectures on honesty for hours. You might have known such people as well. These opportunists are found everywhere.

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    Honesty is a great virtue and it is a great characteristics of a person. Unfortunately in the modern world only a handful of people are honest and in fact they appear to as odd men out of the lot. When more people are dishonest and corrupt then a few of the honest people only suffer and keep themselves in the sidelines of main activity. It is really very sad and disappointing but is true
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    I expect a short answer to justify that the word is sweet.
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    As a short answer-
    Honesty is a moral value that really sweet because it teaches a person to live a virtuous life and is helpful in making a true human being in every aspect of life.

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    Dear Members,
    I have a patient hearing. I heard all, but none could come out with the justification I expected. Why go all around to find whether the word Honesty is sweet or bitter.

    The word Honesty has the word Honey in it. Is honey not sweet to justify the word is sweet?


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    To be honest is not a sweet feeling always. Many times honesty can get you pain and suffering.
    It depends on the degree and content of the fact and truth.
    The old teaching : 'Satyam brooyaat,priyam brooyaat; Na brooyaat Satyamapriyam" still holds in practical life.
    The meaning is ' Speak truth, speak pleasant ; Do not speak unpleasant truth".

    But that does not give the licence to tell untruth. The latter part of the above verse is "Priyam cha nanrutham broouyat , Esha dharmah sanatanah'
    -which means that never speak untruth even if it is pleasant, that is what is Sanatana dharma essence.

    So, if a person has some good qualities, good work, compliment him by telling that pleasant truth.
    Now for example of an unpleasant truth: it is how an experienced doctor deals with the relatives of a patient brought in a very critical and last stages. Even though doctor knows the serious truth that the patient will not survive, he will not brazenly say the unpleasant truth, but use other proper words to convey the situation. Or an advocate uses same technique to convey to his client about a sure-fail case.
    Now regarding pleasant untruths: this is mostly practiced in breach. This is practised by sycophants and flatterers. Thus by continuously feeding pleasant untruths to the boss or leader, the sycophants cheat him practically and lead him to his doom. This has many practical examples in our present day life especially in politics and power corridors.
    From experience I can say that the most painful situation is knowing the truth and not able to reveal the same due to some reason and have to keep it inside ourselves. It is real pain.

    So our aim should be to be honest always, but reveal unpleasant truth in a very diplomatic and prudent way without causing sudden shock and damage. Similarly one should not resort to untruths at any circumstances even though that may be pleasant and rewarding.

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