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    Do not let the tongue be for pain.

    The tongue is the best thing in the world when used well. The worst when using badly. Nothing can classify as wholly holy or cursed. One's tongue is enough to repair and destroy. Tongue control is made possible by identifying what to say and what not to say. It is equally wrong not to say what is required to say and say what not to say. One cannot say everything thing to everyone in the same manner. The tongue must be able to understand and interact with the interlocutor. The value of everything varies depending on the meaning given and the method used. The value of a drop of water on a leaf is much more than the value of a drop of water within the bottled water. It is not the same if the drop of water on a lotus. Yes, it is. Price is determined by where and how it is.

    For the tongue to be good, the heart must be holy. Because it is not the tongue that speaks, it is the mind.
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    It is said that weigh your tongue before you speak. Tongue is the most important part of the body when it comes to communicating verbally. When we communicate with each other or in a gathering then one wrong sentence can make the whole thing spoiled and lost. It is always advisable to think well before throwing those words out of the mouth. A person gets humiliated by bad words more than getting wounded by a weapon. Those people who have a control on their verbal outputs get a good respect in the society and have a better reputation also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In our childhood my elders used to say, the mistakes of the tongue will tell upon our back. If we talk something wrong elders will come and beat us on our back. So we should be very careful in using this. There are no bones to our tongue. So it can be folded any way you want. So if you use it without thinking properly you may have to face difficulty. When we shout at somebody we should be prepared to face the music. We may receive back heavily from the other side as they will also have a similar tongue with them. A person should understand the importance of the same and see that it will not cause any problem to us by behaving differently.
    always confident

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    Absolutely rightly said by the author that one's tongue is enough to repair and destroy. I also believe that if one has the quality to speak well he may win half of the battle. We met many people in our lives and for sure we do not like everyone not to be hated to all but whatever the relationship with anyone if we use our tongue or our words at the right time with right way then we can avoid many issues or disputes. Some people are habitual to speaks bitterness talks its a common trait for these people and they never think before speak, they never have control on their tongue. We should avoid unnecessary words or talks and give rest to our tongue and use it only for good affirmations or words so that our tongue never be a reason for others' pain.

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    Tongue makes friends and tongue makes people enemies. It may win heart and it may break heart. I read somewhere - this tongue is the weapon of mass destruction; and it is very true. Our elders would always suggest us that we should think before speaking something. It was childhood I did not understand them what they would say but when I experienced how bad results may come if this tongue is not used properly.
    I have learnt a lot from people and I am still learning how to use this tongue. Misuse of tongue is related to temperament of a person. If you are short tempered you will get angry easily and when you are overpowered by anger you can't think properly and as a result tongue will be misused. I know sone people who are highly tolerant. They don't get angry. They keep on smiling if somebody shows anger at them. I don't know how they can do it. I simply watch them. When I ask them why they don't get angry. Their reply is simple- " If I also vent out anger then what is the difference between me and them. Moreover, it will create more quarrel between us".

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