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    The value of an item will be known when it is not available

    Every item will have its importance in our lives. But we will not know the value of the same when we have plenty of it. We will feel the importance only when it is not available. This is very common.

    When we perform parties and functions, we will plan well in advance all the items and arrange them so that at the last minute we need not run here and there for that item. It may be a very small item but without that, the whole program may not move.

    Even in manufacturing industries by any chance if any raw material or any other essential item is missing, the whole activity will come to a standstill. The cost of the item may not be very high but the absence of the same may make us lose heavily in production
    Even in our daily life if we want to eat any item we will order from outside and eat it. But since the last year, we are not eating any outside food. We can't make everything in the house. This is making us feel that we are missing something.

    On normal days we never think of Oxygen. But now everybody is talking about this item and people are able to understand the value of air that is freely available to us.

    As such I say the value of a particular item will be known when it is not available. I think other members will also accept the same.
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    I agree with the author that we realise the importance of anything, especially, when we need something and we don't have it. Sometimes, it happens that we have some small items kept somewhere and any member of the family needs it, someone reminds us that it is lying somewhere in the corner then it helps a lot.
    It was the habit of my late father to keep small items that were considered out of use, he would keep them in a tin box and asked us to keep any such item in it. And at the time of need, this box could provide us with useable and required items. Here I would like to quote one instruction of my late father that he would always say to place a thing in its place after using it. When he was alive everything would be placed in its place. E.g. if there was a place of a matchbox, so everyone in the family would put the matchbox at its place after using it. It often happened that it was night, all of a sudden light had gone off, and there was darkness then it was easy to get the matchbox from its place to light a lamp.

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    Everything has its value which can be high at one time and almost negligible at another time. We can also relate this to the law of economics where we can say that if there is a demand for a commodity then the price is very high and if demand is less then the price is almost negligible.

    So, there is no doubt that when we need something, its significance increases at that moment. It may be that it is a human weakness or its nature that when we have something available, we do not respect it. We should realize that when we have a source in our hands, how it should be maintained so that it can be fully taken advantage of when the right time arrives.


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    We have seen how the common salt once not available in the local market in the last year due to black hoarding of the same, the prices went high phenomenally. It happened due to some rumour propagated by some elements that its production has suspended for the time being. This caused a panic sentiment among the consumers and they tried their best to hoard the same to a substantial amount. Though the price of the same is not to that extent but due to the drop of the availability, the price went higher. We then realised the importance of this commodity. It is not unusual in our market when you could see that tomato, onion, potatoes are not available in the market in the normal price due to artificial crisis created by the hoarders. The more is the scarcity, the more is the demand of the same product. The black marketers make hay in such situations. They are the only ones experiencing the pleasant days.

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    My experience in my life is also similar. Even a small item becomes important in time of need. I remember when in the pre-digital and pre-online times (approximately till 1990-1995) whenever I visited an office especially Govt office for some personal work then I went with some blank papers, pen, strapler with pin or common pin, revenue stamp and many such accessories without which the official would simply ask us to come next day. At that time everything was a precious possession. Believe me, at that time, people used to see the person with respect and awe who had so many things in the bag in is hand and took those items out with pride and even helped others occasionally. Today situation is improved but still we require the complete set of things with us if we want to complete a task or job in hand properly and satisfactorily. For example I may have hundreds of thread reels with me but if there is not a needle in my possession then I cannot do anything using those thread reels. Many times we suffer for want of a simple adhesive tube, a tape, a matchbox, a candle, a common medicine, a blade etc and the list is very long and all of them are equally important. Some people keep the track of their valuable accessories and replenish them time to time and enjoy the convenience in their lives.
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    I completely agree with the author, it is true that the value of things to people is mostly due to lack of it. These days, it is felt as if nature is continuously teaching one lesson after another to mankind. Some people are learning from this lesson but some are still not getting its value. Oxygen is an important or the most important reason that gives life to a human being or an organism and today that life is being snatched away from people. The oxygen that we were getting from nature for free, is not available even today, despite giving money. But even if we see the kindness of nature, that nature still has enough oxygen for us, we are not able to take advantage of that natural oxygen due to our mistakes. Nature is teaching that stop messing with the environment because the same lack of oxygen happened in the environment and that day no power will be able to save human existence. It is very important to understand the value of things while in time and later only regrets remain.

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    Whether it is the value of the person after death or the value of the thing when it runs shortage , we feel the difference and talk about them often. But now what the author has been mentioned is right. All these days we never concentrated on the oxygen or its availability issue, and now suddenly it has become the national problem and the world is rushing the oxygen concentrators to India. And those who have it has hiked the price to much extent and even then it is found shortage. So when the demand for the particular item is high, the shortages do takes place as the hoarding makes them to make money.
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