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    We should pay thanks to God

    Every day we hear news and information about the death of people due to lacking oxygen gas. It is very painful to imagine how the patients and their relatives feel when doctors say that oxygen is no more available in the hospital ; and the cylinder in use has oxygen for an hour or so and it means patients will die when the oxygen is exhausted. How painful this situation must be before patients and their relatives.
    When I ponder over this matter how oxygen is important for us and people are ready to pay any amount for getting oxygen cylinders. On another side, we never ponder over this matter that all human beings are given oxygen free of cost every moment. We have been using oxygen without paying any amount to God who has made this arrangement for all living objects that need oxygen to live. This is a great kindness of God that we are not charged any amount for using this open to all - oxygen which is available in unlimited quantity.
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    A beautiful message has been given by the author, these days when negative news coming from all around us also gets positive news then automatically these words come out of our mouth - Thank you, God.
    God gave us this life as well as every special thing that helps us live a happy life and therefore we should give thanks to our God every day. God does not say that he should be worshiped, rather he wants us to give respect and love to his creations and give them our love and affection. We are all the work of that God, that is, our love and affection for all of us are the same, when we help each other, act in each other's interests, take care of creatures, then indirectly as we pray to God.
    Today, where many people in the world are unhappy and helpless from the outbreak of the virus and we are among those lucky people who are still safe, then definitely we should do our thnk to our God for every moment but at the same time extend ou hand for the help of those who are in need of our support at this time.

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    True. God has created trees. Trees will use the gases that are released by us and they will give us fresh oxygen which is necessary for our living here. That way trees are helping us in two ways. one is removing waste gases from the air and leaving back useful gases into the air. Sun is helping trees in getting this operation done. But we never understand the importance of oxygen and its free donors. We abuse them and cut them as we like. If this situation is continued even a normal man also may have to go for the purchase of oxygen and we are seeing now the troubles in procuring the same. So let us thank God, Sun and Plants and continue to protect trees and plant as many trees as possible. This is the best way we can show our gratitude to God for his help. We should help the people who are in need and that will make God happy and he will help us in many more ways. We all know that service to mankind is service to God.
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    For that matter we should be ever grateful to the God for keeping us alive against all odds that is happening across the world. The God has created the nature and providing us enough oxygen and we are ever thankful to the almighty for creating and maintaining the good nature balance so that the human beings and animals are able to make living without any difficulties. I have the habit of thanking God two times a day, when the early mornings starts with the request that the day be good without any challenges and difficulties and before going to the bed, for being so kind enough for the day. This kind of reciprocating with the God would also pacfies him because he is not duty bound to give the boons and asking on own and when we seek he would oblige and for that there should be reciprocal dialogue between the God and the person.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    God has provided us all sorts of resources for our survival. Oxygen supply available from the nature does not require any money to be paid to any agency. Its mechanism is simple where the trees are active in the removal of unwanted gases and finally they release pure air for our breathing. The process is the natural process where sun helps the trees in expediting this operation. While looking at the population surge, it has multiplied in an unmanageable way in recent years. It should be our duty to make the environment clean. After identifying the tools responsible for pollution, we should implement all the means to keep the pollution under control with the observation of discipline in this respect. This would create a perfect cycle of healthy air for the survival of the people.

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