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    No nation can progress if all its people are not in the main stream

    Many nations progress well as compared to others and there could be myriads of reasons for that and experts also discuss these issues time to time. One of the prominent reasons in my view is that if the people of a country are in general not aligned in the main stream then it is very difficult for that country to progress and develop in this world as most of its time will be wasted in internal conflicts and confrontations. All the communities, religions, groups, rich or poor, social and political groups, casts etc have to be aligned to the overall interest of the country. We have to inculcate this in our population with proper guidance and direction. For example every student or citizen should go through some compulsory short time military training so that one can be useful in case of war and such eventuality. No one should get a job or open a shop or establishment if he has not undergone that training which would be on the sidelines of Indian army only. Similarly, disaster management should also be a compulsory curriculum. The culture, tradition, and religion of a person should be in his house and not in the public places where one has strictly go as per the national manners. What do you think will such propositions help a country to grow?
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    I appreciate the author bringing this topic for discussion. This is true that in the nations that are actually developed, every section of people in those nations included in the mainstream. Connecting every section of the country to the mainstream of development is the hallmark of a right developing country. It is natural that not every section will be included in the stream of every development, how shall we be called developed. The present situation is also an example of this time if we think that only the upper-class people can be vaccinated and protected and do not think about the lower class people, then the epidemic will not end. And if we do not think about the people of the lower class, then the epidemic will not end and it will then make all the classes a victim. Poverty or backwardness is also not less than any epidemic which if not eradicated will continue to grow. Adoption of the concept of development in a collective form is its prevention.

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    The author has raised this issue that all people of the country should be brought into main stream but who can bring all citizens into main stream? What is the concept of.main stream in the eyes of the author he has not explained out?. I think main stream classes are aware of progress their country is doing because they are given open opportunity to avail all national resources which they are entitled for but those who are away from main stream because of their poverty, backwardness, ingorance, illiteracy, discrimation, partiality or any other reason. How they can come among this class is a question and who can bring them into main stream is another question.

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    All the people in the country should think about the country and its progress. That is 100% true. In many countries, we see that all the population of the country will contribute to the development of the country. Paying tax correctly and not purchasing anything without a bill is one way of thinking about the development of the country. How many of us will do that?
    The elected members for governing the country themselves are not devoting their time completely for the development of the nation. They have their own self-interests in front. They strive for their personal development. Then what to say about a common man.
    Earlier when we were in high school all the students were undergoing training in NCC or Scouts and Guides. They made that compulsory those days. I don't know what is the position as of today in schools. NCC is good for students to get trained in some special skills. These skills will be useful for the nation at times of emergencies.

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    People enjoying the mainstream can change the fate of the nation with their significant contributions but the question how the unprivileged could be brought back to the main stream. We have seen a lot of poor class people struggling hard to earn money with choosing different professions such as cobbler, picking up men in the hand rickshaws etc. They cannot think of other options for their survival. They don't have enough resources so as to improve their work style. They need resources, guidance to improve their work culture with the supplementation of some loans from the banks. Unfortunately they are deprived of such facilities though banks claim they offer loans to large section of the poor people. However, there is still room for the improvement in this area to bring back the people under the mainstream.

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    Society has a great hand in motivating the people in correct direction and if they are not guided properly they will go in negative territories and will spoil their lives as well as they will be a burden for the country. Parents have also a big role in this and they have to see that their children are not going in the bad areas full of drug menace and terrorism. Once the children go in a bad company then they become a big problem for their own nation as they do not hesitate to harm the nation, society, and other things due to their bad upbringing and narrow perspective.
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    I do not believe that a country can develop only if it's all citizens come into the mainstream. Only a government with the will can lead a country to progress. Take the situation in India. What was the situation in India at the time of independence in 1947? After that, did not the far-sighted plans of the national architect Jawaharlal Nehru bring this country to present-day India? Now and then, there are so many categories that have not come into the mainstream. Are the Aborigines, Tribals, and Gothra people still in the mainstream? Are we continue our past attempts to lift them up and bring them to the mainstream? So, a country needs willful leadership to uplift the underprivileged and marginalized people. Of course, if such people reach the mainstream, the development will increase tenfold. When a government of will comes, the policies, programs, and plans of that country will be in line with that. These include compulsory military service during the school-college period, participation in disaster management, compulsory free public service in order to obtain employment, and so on.

    Now let's take the case of other developed countries. Are all citizens of the United States, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom in the mainstream? There is also begging, looting, mafia, slums, famine, and the rich. Does it all fall into the mainstream? No. Yet they became superpowers. This is because the successive administrative leadership from time to time has been strong-willed and busy implementing policies. We must also keep in mind that our great nation, India, has embarked on a journey of progress from nothing!

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    The author has made a right pitch through this post that the people cutting across the caste, creed and religion should allign to the development of the country and they should be in main stream. Firstly the education must be made compulsory for all and no one should be left unlearned. That itself a half winning situation for us as we find less educated and poor are settling for less mean job and ekking their livelihood. And those who have qualified must have the right job at the right place, so that the government should create ways and means to employ all. And those who got the job should not work up to the age of 58 as retirement age instead it must be 50 years so that the benefit of 8 years can be passed to other people in waiting for the jobs. This way many people would brought into main stream can change the very situation of the nation for good.
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    I agree with you that strong leadership is required to progress a country and you have given the example of first prime minister. Besides strong leadership good strategic planning, fair-execution, exploitation of natural resources, distribution of national wealth, sincere and honest citizenship etc are indispensable for progress of a nations.
    Why do we forget that corruption in our system is the backbone? It exists from top to bottom.
    But the author has brought a different aspect in this thread that all classes should come in main stream. I think it means that all classes of the society should be given equal opportunities to progress. None of them should be deprived of. This is the crux of the matter that a large part of the indian society is still deprived of their fundamental rights ,however, on paper all people are given equal rights. This is why poverty in large section still exists in our country. We can't progress until poverty is eradicated.

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