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    Give yourself the challenge of doing something different.

    Life is a mixed form of challenges, where we have to face many challenges from time to time. But there is another form of challenge, and that is when the person himself gives the challenge. Often people challenge others, such as the challenge for getting good marks among friends, the challenge of making a special dish in the kitchen, the challenge for a little kid to do his homework, but the real fun is when we give a challenge to ourselves which is a little difficult according to our ability and something different.

    By challenging ourselves in such a way, we increase our own capacity and instill a belief in ourselves that if we want, all is possible. There is no harm in living life in a simple way, in which a person simply spends his life studying, then job, then marriage, and taking care of the family. But if we challenge ourselves and live life by completing those challenges, then perhaps we can live a more dignified life. Members, what is your experience and thoughts on this subject?
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    ,Life is full of challenges. We face challenges at every turn in life. These challenges bring changes in us, in our characters and abilities. We can do something or can't do something is decided by how a challenge is encountered. Whether we accept or not any challenge and whether or not we defeat a challenge, however, every challenge impacts us deeply and mostly enables us to become stronger and face any new challenge. Also it makes us habitual to face challenges but one thing should be in our mind that we should not be perplexed or worried, especially, when this challenge creates any problems before us, come what may, we should keep our courage intact to face any problem and try our best to find a solution of the problem instead. Being woriied or confused because of any problem will snatch our self confidence and it is not going to benefit us in any way.
    The author has opted for giving challenge to herself and asks others to do so, as it is different kind of challenge.

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    True. Challenging others is a very common phenomenon. But challenging yourselves is very uncommon. People know their capabilities and they will try to use the capabilities fully without any problem. But when we have to stretch a little more than our maximum, then comes the real challenge. If we don't have any challenges in our lives, it will become very dull. Sometimes we feel what is the use of living. if we are not taking up the challenges.
    We know, what we are? We know what are our limitations. In such a case we will be careful in choosing the tasks. If we feel even we can go to the extent of learning new skills to be successful in the task. That attitude will make us learn more and more and gives us more knowledge about our lives.
    Pandavas took themselves the challenge of winning over Kauravas. So during the Aranyavasa, they struggled themselves and got good skills by learning from other people or praying God for special weapons to face the enemies. This is the advantage of challenging ourselves.

    always confident

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    It is very natural for every human to face challenges. From childhood to old age, every moment we are going through some or other challenge.

    Many challenges are completely new to anyone, that is, a challenge in which the person does not expect that he or she will have to learn something special to succeed in this challenge. While there are some challenges from that human wants to get rid of. For example, one has to work very hard to abandon a bad habit.

    I think we all humans are constantly in a flux of challenges and always try to find that how to achieve or overcomes something at different times. Yes, it is always good to keep challenging yourself for growth.


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    Challenges are part and parcels of human life. In life we are bound by these challenges. Challenge of doing better from our competitors encourages us and we really work.harder for it but if we challenge ourselves for doing better than the last performance of our this would definitely boost up our abilities and capacities. A person can achieve anything in his life if he sees himself as his real competitor because raising challenge against others is rather easier task then challenging ourselves. And once you decide to challenge yourself then it's my promise that you would achieve beyond your limits whatever you think if yourself.

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