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    About the exact reasons for pending threads.

    How do we know the reasoning of our pending threads if it is not included in the reason section? Sometimes some threads are pending for a few days and may eventually be deleted but if the reasons for the pending threads be specific by the editors so that the author can make corrections based on the relevant reason in that thread.
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    This is a serious problem with ISC. They just keep the thread in pending section with a note "The status of this thread is Pending and require some modification by the author." ISC won't say what sort of modification, correction or change is required.
    In the past, threads of one year old used to remain in pending section unattended by the editors. No editors would care the pending section.
    What I suggest is - Either ISC should delete the threads, or indicate the necessary modification to be carried out or the editors themselves should carryout modification and put it on the active forums. Simply saying that "The status of this thread is Pending and require some modification by the author." is not welcomed.

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    Swati, while I agree with your requirement that it would be helpful for the authors if the specific reason for the pending/ rejection of a thread is provided, let it be on record that we have been doing so as a matter of practice but at times we may not be able to do so due to different reasons including lack of time. The fact is that the editors get confused at times whether a thread contains copied content or whether there has been a recent thread on similar lines or whether the content has been inspired directly from some other source etc and so we take the action of shifting the thread to pending as a precautionary measure and so won't be able to give the exact reason at that point of time.

    Now, let us take a look from the other angle. Members who are regular in the forum are expected to be well aware of the dos and don'ts in the forum. And I am sure that they must be aware when they are posting something that is against our guidelines. Yes, they cannot be expected to remember all the old or recent threads posted by everyone but they will surely be reminded when they are to discuss a topic that has been brought up by them recently and so they should take the pain (or pleasure) of checking out and confirming that it was not on the platform in the near past. Another point in this connection is the reminders and instructions the editors share through threads or responses which need to be noted and followed by the members. For example, we have been telling time and again that there is no point in just sharing some information in the forum and that there should be some material to bring up a discussion or exchange of ideas. In such cases, we expect our authors to be enlightened enough to realise where they have gone wrong and so may not give a specific reason.

    Swati, please put up the URL of the thread to which you are referring to and we will try to clarify your doubt (if you are still nurturing any).

    Sun, your presence here comes as no surprise because this is one area that has always caught your fascination. But having given you sufficient clarifications and explanations on many earlier occasions, I don't find it necessary to reply your averments.

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    Ganesh sir,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Sir, I cannot deny the time constraints of ISC editors. I know editors have much responsibility. It was necessary to raise my thread because earlier too many threads were kept in pending status without any reason and then deleted.

    I am not judging the editor's work over there. If the content is duplicated or violates the policy of the ISC, then of course it should be deleted immediately and I agree to it, but the pending status confuses the authors as well.

    My related thread has no copied content. Its thread is related to a guideline given by WHO in the current, in relation to the amount of salt in the food. Since I found this an update and necessary information, I wanted to share it with other members of the same forum.

    My related thread is

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    I am not very frequent in posting posts in forum section, though I respond to many of them. So the problem of pending or deleted is very rare with my posts. One thing which I have observed is that if the post is not repetitive and is presented nicely then generally it survives and even fetches the awards also. So, let us try to make efforts in that direction if possible avoiding the common themes. Frankly, I also fall in the trap of quick forum post submission sometimes only to find that it gets locked or deleted!
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    The issue of pending threads, locked threads, and deleted threads comes for discussion often and there are various reasons for deciding the fate of the threads by the examining editors. The most prominent of them are repetitive threads, common threads and copied threads. One thing that I have experienced is that one should try to find out the percentage of ones threads kept in the pending or in deleted category. If it is within 1 to 2 out of a total of 10 (about 15%) then I think it is normal because when we post 10 threads it is possible that 1 to 2 of them might not be of the required quality. But if it goes up to 3 to 4 or more out of 10 then it requires some introspection and we might have to try searching some new ideas or read something to get novel ideas. There is no other way to write novel contents all the time. Blaming the editors or site mangers would not help.
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    When ever the member raises thread and if needs to be amended or corrected for some details, the thread would be in pending section with the note. It is the author who must take the initiative and see that the required information is provided and amended. I do agree that the editors are responsible for making those threads live again with little bit editing from their side and give the cushion to the member that his or her thread is live back. But our editors are not paid and they are doing this editing out of love and affection to the site and therefore we cannot expect wholesome dedicated work from them. ISC always wanted new content and new ideas and surely it will not be deleted or kept in pending, but often our writings some where corelates to past submission and thus editors are forced to push the thread to deleted or pending stage.
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    You said it right. Yet I am not convinced with your response. Why do you ask Swati Sharma to put up the thread she is referring to when it is very clear that her URL is already available in the pending section of ISC? Can't you click 'Pending' and know her link? Anyway, ISC needs to improve on this area of the pending section.

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    Sun, was Swati referring to any thread in particular? She raised a general thread and I asked her to be specific, that's all.
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    You should have gone to Pending section to see whether any of the Swati's thread was kept pending there. Yes. there is a thread from Swati. That thread caused Swati to raise this thread in general.

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    The only reason for me to raise the thread was that I should know that where I was making a mistake so that I do not repeat it in the future. Because writing or raising threads also takes some time and effort and by taking care ahead, I can save the time of mine and also ediotrs. Please let me know the reason for the pending thread.

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    Swati, I have already clarified our position in my response above at # 730180. Your particular thread on salt consumption was kept pending to check whether some modification can be made so as to generate a discussion. We held it there since you raised this thread. The thread stands deleted now since it just shares a piece of information that has already been published and does not have any scope for generating a fruitful discussion. Please note this point while raising fresh threads because you have been recently showing an inclination towards such threads which will not be encouraged.

    ***All members may please note that the editors may not be able to provide clarifications or explanations in all cases and so you are advised to use your prudence and originality while raising threads.

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