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    There is something to be conserved in life.

    The crow, which was drinking the water, asked the earthenware vessel, "Burn in the fire while making you. How can you cool the water that is within you this summer yet ?"
    The pot said: "Even though I went through a very intense heat, I still retain the moisture given when created!"

    The paths that pass must be for the sanctification of life, not for distortion. It may be that life is under controlled by the contingencies that came, rather than the plans that we formulate. When life determines its course without giving the possibility or freedom to choose, some will surrender to it or some who survive. The beauty of life is not that you have not received a single scratch. Similarly, the greatness of the life journey is not that you have not had to go through any hardships. The lessons learned from the shattered moments and traumatic events are much important.

    Do not sacrifice the preliminary life values ??for needs. Some natural goodness should be conserved when traveling through any adverse conditions. Sacrificing them will not preserve the originality or goodness of life. Everything we thought was a disaster shall take on some meaning over time. Lots of birds will be circling us for much watering!
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    The author explained the importance of upkeeping values in our lives. We should not forget the values even in difficult conditions. Then only we will be called human beings. If there is food for a person only and if a guest comes at least giving some part from it to the guest is humanitarian. If we say the food is sufficient for me only means you have sacrificed all the values in life. It is not advisable.
    Adi Sankaracharya went to a poor lady and asked for some food. That lady herself is not having food. Even then she never told no to him. She searched her house and finally able to find a dry Amla fruit and gave it to the Guru. Adi Sankaracharya was very happy and started praying to Goddess Lakshmi to help that poor lady. Goddess Lakshmi made gold coins to rain in the house of that poor lady. This is an example to say that when you keep up values in your life you will definitely get help from somewhere when there is a need. So let us be human beings and let us not sacrifice our values even under very difficult situations.

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    I think the message of this story of pitcher and a crow is that we have some inherent qualities to help or benefit other people, so we should perform our duty to stand by other people who need our help. We should not stay away from benefiting humanity. But how many people will think over this simple message. Primarily our existence as human being appeals us to be humane because each of us have innate human values which inspires us to benefit all living creatures. But when we become selfish and start thinking about ourselves only we stop benefiting other people.

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    While the author shared the different out look of pitcher and crow story, I want append my views in this regard. The pitcher is the poor man's fridge and the cool water really soothes the throat of the common man who toils hard in the day. Since the pot is made up of earthern soil, we realy connect to the soil as we are born from the soil. That is the reason being so the earthern pot water is good for health and no side effects, where as the fridge water may bring in ameabiosis disease which is dangerous. And regarding crow, proably it is only the bird which shares and eat the thing which it spotted. And it mourns the death of other crow due to current shock and that is really a moving scene to watch. So whether the pitcher or the crow, the conservation takes place from its own source. The pitcher keeps the water cool and healthy and crow keeps the environs clean.
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    The author has said a positive thing, life is good and but or difficult and easy time keeps on coming. When we do not lose our patience in our normal times and keep our rites and etiquettes, this is the biggest test in difficult times that we maintain our basic quality. Just like how much heat a pot holds, but it does not deviate from its original nature because it is public that its main purpose is to give the people cold water and hence it retains its moisture. In this way, we humans also need to understand that we have been born for a specific purpose and we have come for some special work in this society. Today, if we lose our original principles in our own odd circumstances, then we can deviate from our purpose, perhaps because God keeps on telling us from time to time that we do not lose our values ??and purpose. Give your all efforts to live a happy and successful life but never forget your values or basics.

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