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    It's difficult to complete a task when we are in conflicts.

    We are very clear about doing certain things. Most of the time we have a fixed schedule for our daily basis activities. But most of the time when we follow a new path we are in dilemma whether to pursue this or leave it. Confusion starts building as fast as we start working on it. This confusion not only lays down obstacles in our path but also reduces our ability to achieve goal. But me and many like me find it the most difficult to judge which path should be taken or what would be perfect way for us? In the "Road not taken" Robert Frost also talked about the same dilemma. I have read somewhere that when we are not clear about our goals it take double time to achieve them.In real life it's difficult to change our ways or come back from a decision taken in past costs too much. There is no such parameter to judge accuracy of our decisions. So how you select the most suitable way? Have you ever faced the same dilemma?
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    When the tasks are given, it is expressly understood that we have to complete the same time bound or little more as per the task given and its complexity. But often what I found that people come into the mental fix that they cannot attempt the task at all as it would be difficult to go about. No task is big or small until we go into the details of it and crack the way to solve it. Every task has the established rule to finish the same, some have the greatest idea to solve, some have the half idea to settle, and some have no idea. Those who have the full idea to solve the task may not help us for the obvious reasons that their position would be in peril in future. And those who know half solution cannot be trusted as they cannot give us the full deal. And those who does not know how to solve the task, its waste of time with them. So learn yourself on how to bail out from task.
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    A stable state of mind is always important for completing the task on hand successfully. When you have a task, before starting the work take some time, think and make a plan and implement. Whatever conflicts you have in your mind about the task should be resolved at this stage itself. Once we decide the path we should not have any conflicts about the problem. If we don't do this always during execution we will get many doubts and we will be in two minds. That is why we should think and act. Don't think too much. Have a review after reaching a particular stage.
    If we plant a tree it will take some time to get roots into the land. If you take it out and see whether it is coming up or not, the plant will die in few days. The same is the case with any task. We should give enough time for everything to start showing the results.

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    Every given task requires attention. If the task in hand has been done earlier also then doing it again will not be difficult. But if we have any new task to complete then it may be difficult. So in this situation we require to do homework. Suggestions of seniors or who have experience in that project should be taken without fail.
    But the author has written something about dilemma and confusion. If these negative things exist while someone has set for any task or work or assignment or mission, most probably he will not succeed. There should not be any doubt when someone is looking for success.

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    If we are assigned some tasks, it would be our duty to understand the nature of the job initially then we would move to the job with the proper resources. This is the initial strategy but to sustain the job, we need to have enough concentration to take care of the different aspects of the job. We will have to maintain the timeframe as well so that the company where we are putting our efforts could maintain its commitment. After the completion of the assignment, the job needs to be tested regarding its quality parameters such as its, durability, strength and host of other parameters before its despatch so that there is no compromise on the quality aspects. If in the group any conflict is going on, it will affect the performance of the group. Hence at all the costs, concentration is to be maintained for the achievement of the goal.

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    Some of the work we do every day in our daily lives and being habitual to them ends our Confucian situation. When a young child starts learning a bicycle, initially his parents or any other guardian supports his bicycle, then the child moves, as soon as the child stops supporting the bicycle, he is scared and his brain Fear or dilemma arises so that it does not fall as soon as it is placed on the pedal, so it will always keep one foot on the ground. But slowly, when he gets used to it, he starts cycling so fast that we have to understand that he drives slowly. A similar situation also happens with us many times, the idea of ??doing many new things which we may not have done before or which we have failed in doing, also brings confusion in our mind. This dilemma ends automatically with time and practice. It would not be a big issue for one person to be calm the mind and understand the process then start its work.

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