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    Can the shortage of the COVID vaccine be overcome if the formula is made public?

    The Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, has made an interesting demand to the centre to make the vaccine formula public so that enterprising pharma and other companies may evince interest and start their own production across the country as over the passage of time the world requires at least 700 crores of vaccines vials which no country in the world would be able to attain on time. We must thank Kejriwal for making this demand and can expect others also to join the bogey. The govt should make the formula public and allow private players to make vaccines.

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    Actually, the government should ask the inventors not to go for a patent. Then the government should ask the interested companies to apply for the technology. Once the companies are shortlisted, they can be asked to get the technology from inventors and start production. They can also ask the new companies to give some royalty to investors. I think this work is in progress and some companies are coming forward to start their production. The other I saw an interview of Bharat Biotech MD in which he told that the government has not calculated the production capacities before deciding on the requirements and dates.
    Dr Reddy Laboratories are also going into the production Vaccine and we may get from 1st of June their vaccine also into the market. Like this roping in more pharma companies who has the infrastructure and other essential facilities and see that they will also start the production.

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    I am confused whether to laugh in mirth or weep in despair by the reported statement of Kejriwal. I feel people lose even commonsense when they become over-smart. Or it may be another of their smart-tricks too.

    Periodically we hear Onion is in short supply, pulses are in short supply etc. Is that so because the formula of cultivating them is not public?
    Here Kejriwal is trying to score a point by putting an impossible condition. He knows that it is not going to happen and so he can score by raising such a demand.

    There is an old saying that a King cannot be revolutionary also. Kejriwal is a revolutionary minded man. He cannot think as a responsible King any time. He can thrive only by questioning and obstructing. He will be uncomfortable when given responsibility. There are many others also like him.

    All over world vaccine manufacturing centres are very few. That needs huge investment, huge infrastructure and research manpower. Every household woman knows how to cook popular recipes. But even for her when some unexpected guests come it needs some time to prepare meals for the guests.

    Manufacturing a vaccine is much much more complicated, than the routine medicine manufacture also. It needs a very high standard of perfection and quality and so needs a very high grade of complexity and hygiene and quality control. The current manufacturers are well aware of the demand for vaccine and if it was so easy by just waving a hand they themselves would have opened many branches across the world. Why should they give the formula to others?

    When mind is filled with just negativity, even common sense leaves them.

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    Suggestion of Arvund Kejriwal is not bad. Obviously, if formula is given to all pharmaceutical companies to prepare medicine/vaccine of coronavirus then it will be produced like a normal medicine. But it is not as easy as we assume because the pharmaceutical companies which are producing these vaccines why they will reveal formula to all, however, I think if they are provided amount at par value of their product, then it is possible. Vaccination program should be given impetus so that large number of people may be protected from infection of this deadly virus. It is good to know that positivity graph is coming down for a few days.

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