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    The joy of sharing, and the joy of being shared.

    His devotee had endless doubts about heaven and hell. So God decided to show him heaven and hell. God first took him to hell. In the middle of a large hall was kept a large bowl of sweet stew. Many people were standing around. Each has a spoon in their hand, but the spoons are tied with their wrists. Therefore, they could not fold their hand or take the stew and drink it. They were all in despair.
    Then God took him to heaven. There, too, was the hall, the large bowl, the stew, and the spoon - tied with their wrist. But the stew vessel was empty. Everyone there was joyful. God said to his pious devotee: "Everyone here is feeding the stew each other so that everyone can drink the stew."

    The definition of hell is a place where people live only for themselves.
    The definition of heaven is the place where everyone makes sure that everyone lives.

    It is confidence, living alone. It is arrogance to look only at one's affairs. Half the effort and activity of living alone is enough to live together. As the number of people living only for their own ends increases, the exploitation, and misuse of resources will increase. Maximum use of limited resources will make it possible when one is ready to co-exist and consider companions.
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    Very nice story is taken by author. I remembered it that when I was a child I read the same story and I enjoyed it very much. There exist a distinct joy in sharing things with others. It's generally said that when we share something with others generally those who are in need of it, we get more benefit from it than that we get by self engulfing the same thing. I am of the supposition that heaven and hell are both one and the same thing as at both places zien good and some bad people resides. And sometimes sympathy shown by good people towards bad people also pulls them in goodness. In this time of covid I feel that all we have to share as much as possible with those who are really needy ones.

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    The joy of sharing and the joy of being shared was well described by the author and of late he is coming out with mind blowing topics and that need to be discussed here as each one is connected to our life somewhere or the other. The joy of sharing and the happiness derived is immense. It is the fact that those who are being shared also gets the maximum joy over it. But the sharing must go to the needy. For example in this pandemic many philonthropist are coming forward to donate oxygen concentrators worth 45 thousand for two patients to have the best oxygen, but such acts should reach the needy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My grandfather used to narrate this story. He used to say help others to live so that you will also get help. I remember his words always. He used to say think about the person who is in trouble. Try to help him. When there is a requirement you will also get help.
    Thinking about our own welfare and using others for our selfish gains is a very bad trait. Help and get helped should be the way of life. A small help will save the life of the other person. When you are travelling if you see an injured person taking him to hospital on time may save his life. That is how we should think and try our best. In our village young people who are working from home are contributing every month some amount and they are giving food items to the needy. This programme is going on for almost last year. This small sharing will come in handy to others.

    always confident

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    The thread brings a message of peace, harmony and brotherhood by helping each other. We should not be a miser in sharing what we have with others. It makes a good human.
    This thread reminds me of the poem Mercy of William Shakespeare narrated in The Merchant of Venice. How Portia emphasises on qualities of mercy. She requests Shylock to show mercy. It is a divine quality that wins the heart. When we show mercy both are benefited by this divine act.
    I feel sad when I see that human values are on the decline. We have become materialistic where money and worldly gains are everything, where human values, even relations have no importance if these relations are not at par with social status.
    Now we are facing a pandemic. People are looking for help, in this situation if anybody comes and asks for help we should not return him empty-handed. I believe that no good deeds go to waste.

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    As usual, once again the author has given an important message through his thread and story which are about the interest of society. It is true that when we act by thinking only about our selfishness, then perhaps we will get momentary happiness but after a time, that happiness will be lost and if we want to attain eternal happiness then a person should be work for him also work for others. The present situation is the biggest example of this, today's circumstances have forced us to remain imprisoned in our homes and sometimes we are not able to help the unhappy people but the truth is that if we want So help can be done from anywhere. At this time, while keeping yourself safe, you should help the needy as much as possible, maybe God has brought this time because he wants to know who is capable of creating heaven and who is hell on earth. See how many devotees are able to succeed in this exam.

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