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    A child's representation and the quickest action in Chennai

    After having proved himself as one of the best Mayor's of Chennai City, the present Chief Minister ordered immediate action when he received a representation from a six-year-old child about the state of affairs in a primary school near Chennai at a place called Minjur, in North East Chennai. The horribly inadequate infrastructure and the total neglect of the school made the school the den of anti-social elements.

    Today, the School Affairs Minister visited the School and quick rear-guard action is being taken so fast. This is the meaning of action. We, in Tamil Nadu, are now seeing a new dawn of action. Meaningful action. Not empty rhetoric.

    {Edited- The author is advised to avoid repetitive introductions to his political threads.}
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    Hope the new government in Tamilnadu will govern the state in such a way that this State will become an example for other states also. I think this regional party can also concentrate on extending its wings all over the country so that the present CM of this state can become the PM and once he becomes PM he can see that the whole nation will be developing like anything. I think within this 5 years tenure the present CM will stop giving false assurances to the people and stand as an example. Let him do away with freebies to the people and concentrate on the development of the state.
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    It is good to hear that the new Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is liked by the people and he is taking action on any issue if it is brought to his notice. When a chosen government works well and people are satisfied with the various planning and the way of implementation, then the purpose of election is fulfilled.

    But it is too early to say because in this very month new governments have been formed in different states. Also, I hope that all these governments will work for the progress and development of people and the state.

    I object to the author criticising the BJP government at the beginning of his post. What is the point of mentioning BJP governments, especially the U.P government? Some people dislike the BJP and some like the party and its ideologies. I don't think it is good to be extreme in expressing your hate or love for the BJP or any other party. If you have to praise the Tamilnadu government, write about it but avoid unnecessary comparisons.

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    At the outset, lots of congrats to new CM Stalin on taking over the reins of Tamil Nadu during this challenging period. Being a new CM he has duty bound plans to get highlighted as his party cadre is present every where and try to hype his small gesture as a great cause. For that matter, just as every new employee tries to showcase their talent, in the beginning, to be in the good books of a company, Stalin wants to steal the show to hit small gestures as big achievements.
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    This is just the beginning. More is to follow. He has the four finest IAS officers in his control.

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    I glad to know that some people still show seriousness in the interest of the country and the state, as shown by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The courage and honesty of the child are also admirable. Often, in many schools of the country, anti-social people are allowed to carry out such illegal activities which come in front of the world, then some people close their eyes. Not raising a voice about such misdeeds is also the same as becoming a participant in the works. All citizens in the country have the right to live a dignified life with respect and the public expects the most for this right from the leader whom they themselves choose. When such commendable steps are taken by our elected leaders in the interest of the public and the society, the people should be proud of their decision along with the leaders. It is true that when the beginning is good, the end is also good.

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    Good to note that the present government started taking action on complaints. This should continue further. With this, all the schools in Tamilnadu should be checked and ensured that adequate facilities are available in the schools as per norms. That's what called good administration.

    Each and every complaint lodged by the people irrespective of their age, should be looked into seriously and action taken immediately without any delay.

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