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    Is the inefficient vaccination program the main reason for this turmoil in India?

    Many countries in the world are able to conserve their position after the severe effect of the first wave of the COVID19 attack. This was possible mainly due to the way they handled the vaccination program successfully in their country. But now, with the onslaught of the second wave, India has a different story to tell. Though it is a herculean task to give a total of two vaccine doses to the 130 crore population, we have to agree that the vaccination program is not going in a proper and orderly way in India. Scientifically it is possible to manage and control the spread of the virus only if the country gets fully vaccinated. Otherwise, we will have to face this type of pandemic fear from different waves.

    Why India donated larger quantity of vaccine doses to foreign countries without seeing the requirement of India? Did the government want to get appreciation from foreign countries so that the political party in rule can strengthen their position in the eyes of the people? In my view the inefficient way of handling vaccination program is one of the major cause for this grim situation. Only if we speed up the vaccination program with the help of advanced countries we can recover from the burns. What do you think about it?
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    I do not blame the central govt for the vaccination program as the same was carried out with national registration and the streamlining was done from the day one. India has the huge population of senior citizens and by the time they were about to be covered and got fully vaccinated the surge of cases across the country and the deaths among the youth has alerted the govt to change its program. On seeing India's pathetic stage now the global help is pouring in thanks to India's initial help with free sending of vaccines to other countries. There has been daily review of the situation chaired by PM and measures are taken. For India and the world. the second surge has become more challenging as more deaths are reported and new cases come down. So instead of blaming orderly behavior from the people is must in this challenging situation.
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    Initially it was programmed to cover the entire senior citizens considering their weak immunity and accordingly the same was implemented. In the meanwhile, we have seen the intensity of the second wave affecting much the people within the age bracket of 45 to 60. Hence the earlier programme of administration of the dose to senior citizens has been differed and this benefit is being extended to middle aged group. It is causing delay in the streamlining the process of vaccination. Fortunately the dose of covishield which was to be vaccinated within 28 days after the first dose has been extended from the earlier decision of 28 days and has been extended to additional 20 days. We hope the doses would be streamlined once the the doses reach to the different part of the country within a couple of weeks.

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    This vaccination program started in the country on the 16th, at that time there was enough quantity of both vaccines in the country but much more were exported to other countries than the vaccine that was not given to the citizens of the country.
    According to the information, at the same time, the serum organization had demanded from the government that if the government orders the serum institute to 10 crore vaccines, then the serum organization could further increase its functionality and was promising to make more and more vaccines in a short time. , But the proposal was rejected by the government. At the same time, the government's production of co-vaccine was not so much that the export should be done in such a large quantity.
    In January and February, the dose of the vaccine was limited to health workers, government employees, police employees, etc. In the month of March, when the second wave of epidemics suddenly came and showed its horrific form to everyone, the program tried to accelerate, and then by the end of April suddenly the 18 plus vaccination was allowed to exceed this speed. Today the situation is that neither the 18 plus people are getting the registration easily nor the second dose of 45 plus people is getting on time.

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    Most of the countries indeed administered vaccination program to their citizens, especially, badly affected countries. China's Wuhan which was the origin spot of this virus now has been taken as a virus-free city.
    It was not expected that India will be the most affected country during the second surge of coronavirus. Now we are blaming our government for not doing proper arrangement to eliminate the effect of the second surge. Whereas the central government is not admitting that it failed to tackle it, rather blaming states governments and system. The situation is still not in control. More than four lac cases is a huge number. But this blame game continues.

    Manish Sisodia, Dy.CM Delhi addressing a press conference blamed central government for their negligence to uproot this pandemic. He said that it was wrong to distribute free vaccines to 93 countries for the sake of image building. If it had not been given almost 6.5 indians might have been vaccinated. He also alleged that central government wants that all states should go to international market to purchase vaccines by global bidding. It had never happened in entire history that Central government shirked taking away this responsibility. He claimed.

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    I don't say it is inefficient planning of vaccination. There is a necessity to give vaccines to other countries. Some of the raw materials required for the production of these vaccines are to be imported. If we have to import them we have to give some final product to them. This was explained by a minister from the central government.
    India is a very highly populated country. Completing vaccination in two or three months is very difficult. Initially, they have given the vaccine to senior citizens. But meanwhile, this 2nd wave has come in.
    When the Vaccine was available many people hesitated to get the vaccine. But after seeing the 2nd wave people started running. This vaccine can't be produced and stored for years together. Special storage facilities are also required. So everywhere there is a limitation and we should not say that only the central government is responsible. How many doses of vaccines were wasted also has been mentioned by the concerned.
    There are 101 reasons for the death of Karna, as mentioned in Mahabharatha. Similarly, there are many parties who are having their own shares to have the present situation.

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    Freeing the country from the clutches of the Covid-19 pandemic is a headache for every government. Vaccination as a remedy for that headache is causing a crisis due to a drug shortage. For the first time, India was eager to export the vaccine to other countries. As a result, things got hard here. But when there was a shortage of oxygen, other countries were ready to send oxygen to India very quickly and were able to overcome a major crisis, to a small one. Hope that, it was done quickly because the thankful remembrance of the export of the vaccine to them. Instead of thanking those who helped, a poor strategy implemented by sticking an Indian company's sticker, to keep people from realizing that it was their help, and received worse reaction from them. (They were annoyed by the large stickers of Ambani and others on the oxygen tanker sent from the Gulf, obscuring the Saudi emblem and the caption saying it was coming from there)

    Assessing that the first phase of Covid-19 was not as tough as expected. The warning of the experts, second phase will be worse than the first phase also neglected. Focused on only the elections to the five state Assemblies to take ruling in those five states in mind, without taking any precautionary measures to the pandemic crisis, that the Center. It has to be said that is the fault of the Central Government. That is what led to the fall of vaccination. Therefore, Hon. High Courts and Hon. Supreme Court blamed the governments. The fact that the Supreme Court also had to form a committee of experts to overcome this pandemic situation is a major setback for the Center. Although the states were allowed to purchase the vaccine directly from the companies to address the shortage of vaccines in the states, the Center was unwilling to prevent the price hike on the vaccine. The rate fixed by the company is nearly double. The United States has decided not to monopolize the vaccine for Covid-19. Can such a move be considered here? Only those who think of the well-being of the citizens of the country can think like that.

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