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    Happy Nurses Day to all the nurses around the world

    Today, the 12th of May is observed as the International Nurses' Day to honour and appreciate the services of the nurses to mankind. It is the day of the Angels of the Earth who work tirelessly to save every life.

    As the world fights for survival and works together for the well-being of mankind, let us honour the angels who forget their own suffering and misery in their commitment to the care of the sick.

    The theme for 2021 is Nurses is, 'A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare'.

    Happy Nurses Day to all the nurses around the world!
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    I join the author in wishing all the Nurses across the Globe a very Happy Nurse's Day! I take this opportunity to acknowledge their contributions to the well-being of mankind and to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of them for their selfless and relentless services. Let us remember them in our prayers. A big salute to all the members of the nursing community!
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    Folding hands, to the hands that guard us. 99% of the new generation saw their mother's face for the first time sitting in the arms of a nurse. The mother also saw their loving child's face in the nurse's hand. On this birthday of the world-renowned nurses, Florence Nightingale nicknamed the 'Woman with the lamp', offers bouquets of congratulations to all the nurses

    The service of nurses in the present particular pandemic situation is unique and invaluable. Sixty nurses have had to sacrifice their lives while doing humanitarian service with their own lives in the Covid-19 situation. In such a frightening situation, I bow my head before the service of the nurses who are busy running with patient care.

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    I thank the author for sharing this special day on the forum. There is no doubt that the doctor on earth in the form of a god but this god is incomplete without his army and it is an important role nurse in the army itself. At present, not only the Health Department but also other government department employees and many general people who are ahead to help the people by making Corona Warriors, all contribute to this army.
    When a patient is admitted to the hospital for such a long time, the nurse takes care of him as his mother, giving medicine, motivating the patient, comforting the family people, and making them confident by understanding, many of the duties that a nurse fulfills same as our loved ones. If seen, she never considers the patient as a patient and takes care of her like her family member. I salute every nurse of the world on this special day today.

    Happy Nurses Day to all the nurses of the world!

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    I take a bow to all nurses across the world who are rendering their tireless service for the cause of health for all during this pandemic and their relentless fight against the dreaded disease needs to be appreciated beyond words and In this regard I wish to thank those scores of nurses who are treating the Covid patients across the world risking their own life. Of course they are taking precautions to counter the virus, but again they too have the family and freinds to whom they miss regarding the highlight of the profession right now. Just imagine this world without nurses and in this regard I thank the Kerala people in each home one nurse would be employed and that is the reason we are seeing more Keralite nurses across the globe. Huge thanks to the Nursing community and because them we are living without fear.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a great day for these great workers in health sector.
    Happy Nurses day !

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    Today it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She is the first trained nurse who took his profession as a nurse. As a mark of respect to her, this day is celebrated as International Nurses Day.
    More than doctors the services rendered by a nurse are more difficult and all can't do those works. For every nurse, her patient is like a kid. She has to take care of the patient day and night based on the seriousness. Administring the medicines timely as suggested by the doctor, reporting the position of the patient to the doctor and following the doctor's instruction is also part of her services.
    In these critical conditions, we are seeing many nurses who are serving the patients without even going home and forgetting their own health. A family is having a fear to go near the patient. But a nurse goes near to him and do all the services. whatever we do, it will be definitely less than the service rendered by these nurses.
    I offer my respects and salutations to all the nurses who are struggling day and night to see that the maximum number of patients are coming out of the hospitals safely. I touch their feet and offer my Pranams to all the health workers who are suffering for curing the patients.

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    Happy nurse day to all nurses on birth anniversary if Florence Nightingale -" Lady with the lamp" as she was known. In this time of pandemic nursing staff working at front line is like warriors stopping and attacking at the invisible enemy. I bows down and praise to such health worker whose efforts are helpful cure patients. These are assets of the nation increasing efficiency and strength of country. Once again salute to all nurses.

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    My hands are also extended to greet them on this day. The service of nurse,irrespective of male and female, cannot be expressed in words as one can feel their service only happened to see in person, that too as an attendant of a patient. We, as an attendant cannot, take care of patient to that extent. Some can argue that we are paying for their service but can we do with similar dedication though we are paid more than that of.

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    Nurses are doing a great service in the medical industry and during the current pandemic we have come to know very clearly their importance in our system. The doctors visit the patient for a short time and then the nurses only take care of the patients. The role of the nurses is definitely very important. I also salute to these front line warriors who are providing great
    service to the people.

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