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    Not a mere performer, you have to be a all rounder

    Be it school, college or at the offfice work, mere performing on the academics does not get you the right recognition and there needs to be a all rounder activities so that the personality can be developed and there is always a chance for achieving the triumph in one case or the other. Even at the home one has to know many things so that damage control can be done and set right without anybodies help. All rounder need not be through bookish knowledge, but with work experience over the period of time. What is your take on this ?
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    The present situation is very competitive and people who can stand in the competition and perform well only will be successful. Today the situation outside is very bad. There are many qualified people but not having jobs. The coming days will be much more worst due to the present pandemic. Many people are losing their jobs. So only those people who can perform very well only will stand a chance. Otherwise, life will be very bad.
    So we all should aim to give more than 100% of our efficiency to be successful in our works. A student has to perform very well so that he can get a seat for higher studies or he may be successful in getting a job.
    Retaining the job is also very difficult these days. Unless otherwise we show our full strength and work carefully there are chances we may lose our job also. I know many people roaming on the roads for a job. So everybody should put their efforts and do perform in many dimensions, we may not be successful.
    An all-around performance is a key to success. Whatever work is being given to you. you should be able to complete your work irrespective of the mature of work. Then you need not worry much about losing the job. Chances will be remote.

    always confident

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    How many people can be all-rounders and how it can be possible. If everybody becomes an allrounder then where the rest of the world will go? However, some people have these extraordinary qualities which make them versatile personalities. They excel in the race of progress and emerge as the leaders among the crowd. They come out of the crowd and lead them.
    Some people have uncanny acumen. They are amazing people. Their talent remain hidden from common masses and when they take the matter in their hands their amazing qualities astonish others. I respect such people because they dont show their talent and qualities but when suitable time comes they surprise people by their special qualities.

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    I agree with the author to some extent that in today's time everyone should know everything, but this does not mean that everyone can become an all-rounder. If an all-rounder simply means that a person can take all kinds of responsibilities outside and inside the home, then perhaps a larger class will be an all-rounder. But it is going to be a bit difficult if an all-rounder knows a person about work at home or outside. But it can be done that the work in which we are not skilled ourselves, we should have the art of getting our team or other people to do the work, and in return for this help should be given a gift or whatever is necessary. The author is right that many times this is possible with experience.

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    consider myself an all rounder. I was worrying that I was just a 'Jack of all trades but master of none'. This thread gives me some relief.

    In my career I had received a letter from my Regional Head appreciating my 'all round' performance saying that " We need all rounders like you". Though it gave me some pride and elation then, later on I found that an all rounder has to just work and perform ,but the sweet fruits are enjoyed by some smart others.

    All rounders are always sought for. They are popular too.But the one who get rewarded are those who are able to 'broadcast' and 'trumpet' their performance however small that may be. That is the smartness now needed in present day world. Others will be just left out.

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    I support the author because becoming all reminder does not mean that you are performing all the jobs becoming all rounder is something like if one Pty is closed then there is another way open to move in or to work on that. For instance if an employee loses his job due to pandemic then having required skills he can acquire another one or do some other work from home to earn a decent livelihood is true all rounder. I had seen that many people during lockdown who are employed somewhere else earlier are doing petty jobs because they have lost their real job. But to earn their livelihood they have shifted to different pathway. Thats true importance of becoming livelihood otherwise such person have ni way but to die of hunger if they doesn't not have enough savings to sustain them.

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