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    To do something extraordinary, arouse the spirit of sportsmanship.

    If you want to do something extraordinary, then you have to make yourself very strong because when you do something extraordinary then ordinary people will definitely stop your way. So don't think about what other ordinary people think about your goals and plans.

    If they think that your dreams are unrealistic, then let them think like that, their thinking will not stop your path. Always remember to have faith in yourself and do not let your faith diminish due to the words or adverse circumstances of any other.

    If you keep going like this continuously, then eventually you will automatically find a way to move forward. Keep applying your efforts, but do it with sportsmanship, don't give up even if you lose.
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    Some people are born with extraordinary qualities. Their signs are visible in their childhood too. They can be recognised by their God gifted qualities. These people do not need any motivation from their teachers or their elderly people. Their innate and hidden instinct propels them to show their unique talent and extraordinary qualities and the world wonders to see their extraordinary talents.
    Some people don't have extraordinary qualities but they work hard to accumulate these qualities and earn self-confidence to defeat all challenges which come their way. The author has written about those people who have special talent but they may face impediments from people and she's advised them not to stop from marching forward.

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    Yes. We require more initiative and sportsmanship to do extraordinary works. But it is not possible to have all these qualities by all the people. People who are having very strong will power and focus can only do that. There are examples of many people who did extraordinary things.
    We all know Hanuma crossed the sea and went to Srilanka to search SIta. A group of monkeys with Hanuma went to the sea shore. They are not able to find a way to cross the sea. They thought that only Hanuma is having the required strength to cross the sea. They went and requested him to cross the sea and search in Lanka for Sita. Initially, he was having a doubt. But once he decided to cross the sea, his complete focus is on his assignment only and used all his will power and managed to cross the sea,
    Again the same Hanuma went and brought Sanjeevani hill for saving Lakshmana who was in serious condition. Such extraordinary people are very rare who can do extraordinary works.

    always confident

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    This is the good trait proposed by the author as only true sportsman has the courage to welcome and appreciate the good works of his opponents or their team. It always takes guts to agree for the defeat in front of the performing team and in that case agreeing for the lapses and again learning from the failures is the part of great sportsmanship legacy. In cricket we have seen such good sportspersons that other players asked for out but the bowler knows its wrong to ask for out when the batsman does no wrong. So this extraordinary quality in any person would take him to places and become more sought after.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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