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    Look at the image and create a small story

    I struggled a lot to take a snap of two sparrows that always comes and rests on my window bars. Finally I could get them in my camera.

    Can you imagine something and write a story based on the photograph attached herewith.
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    The small baby was crying and not eating her food. Both the parents are struggling to see that she will eat food. But she is not opening her mouth. Her father took her to the gate and started showing the street animals like Dogs, hens etc and somehow managing. She slowly started eating the food.
    Meanwhile, a sparrow came flying and rested in the gate. The baby forgot her weeping and started smiling by seeing the sparrow and she asked her mother some questions about the sparrow. Meanwhile, the second sparrow also came and rested there on the gate. The baby was very happy and started enjoying the birds and completed her food.
    Both parents are very happy as their baby finished eating fast after seeing the birds and thanked the birds and offered them some food for which the two birds are also very happy.

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    There was no end to baby crying and the parents were under the utter confusion what should be done to console their weeping baby. In an attempt to feed their baby, they came out of the room with the hope that the child would stop crying after having witnessed some interesting scenes. Within a couple of minutes of their exit from their residence, the child was amused to see a sparrow approaching the child. The baby forgot her crying and raised a few questions relating to sparrows with her engagement with eating. The scenario became even more interesting with the arrival of another sparrow. Finally the baby finished her meal with smile. The parents were thankful to the sparrow couple and offered them some foods because without their visibility, the task of feeding the baby was impossible.

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    I was watching the television when the continuous and disturbed chirping of sparrows caught my attention. I looked in the direction from which the sound was coming and saw two sparrows perched on my window grill. 'Poor souls,' I thought to myself, 'they must have been chased by some crows'.

    Might be due to the existing pandemic condition that has almost seasoned my mentality towards certain protocols, I noticed that the sparrows had occupied two different places and were maintaining the social distance.

    They have stopped chirping now and were looking at each other and then towards me which left me wondering whether they were expecting me to open the window to let them in. The small little birds now appeared to be in peace. I got hold of my mobile to click a picture of the pair before they choose to fly away.

    As I looked at the image, a thought crossed my mind that any living being will be at peace when it finds a safe haven where there is no one to intrude or disturb their space on this earth.

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    Both Akshat and Anu came to the room and sit on the bed. Anu told to Akshat - what to play now because they are getting bored while playing among themselves. Akshat said, "I am also getting bored; but what can we do? We are still restricted to go out, saying that Akshat's eyes went to the window.

    He found two birds sitting on the window, he said to Anu, "hey Anu look at those birds", first one is sitting above would be mine and lowe one is yours" now whose bird sits at the window for a long time, he/she will win. Anu was happy and did the bidding, then started looking at them carefully.

    Suddenly Chotu came into the room and said "I also want to play". Akshat and Anu ignore him and just said that "there are only two birds, now don't make noise". Chotu becomes a bit upset and also looking at the window. After a short time, the two birds flew together and both Anu and Akshat quarreled for the winner.

    Then Chhotu said smilingly, "both of you have lost", and "I have won".

    Akshat and Anu start to look at him with surprise, then Chhotu pointed out the window and said - I had chosen that third little bird sitting on the wire that is outside the window and it is still there, "so now I am the winner"

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    Some one in my freind was telling that sparrows move in single and I said that when ever I spotted the sparrows, it were in two or more in numbers. When we both went to a known person house, we spotted two sparrows sitting on the window bar. Probably those sparrows are used to this house and they are looking for having a nest for their baby. Probably for that reason they were caught by the camera in thinking position as to what may be the best place to create a nest. The rainy season is hardly one month away, and the sparrows need to fasten their thoughts for a secured nest and nothing could be best place than this.
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    It is summer time and the birds are flying here and there in search of food and water. The sparrow pair is also trying to peep into the balconies in this jungle of cement and concrete and many times they get some grains strewn here and there on the balconies or their canopies. Yesterday I saw one such pair just outside my house and was curious to see what for they have visited here and I was surprised to see that there were some eatable pieces fallen from the top levels of my building and these birds were planning to pick them from the floor outside. Due to dry spell these birds are forced to come to the multi-storeyed buildings in search of food and water. The sight of the birds is always a delightful feeling and it is a great link for us to keep in touch with the nature.
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    Arpi saw the two sparrows sitting on the strings in the balcony outside. She feared to go out as she knew that birds will fly away hearing the slightest noise. She was an animal lover and liked them much. She wanted to feed the birds some grains but was thinking as how to do it. She got an idea and went inside to the kitchen and opened sme of the jars to take out little grains and then went to the door to the balcony. She opened the door slowly just to have a slit to slide the grains outside one by one. Some of the grains rolled away while some just remained near the opening on the balcony floor. She did it too quietly and then closed the door silently. She sat down for some time when one of the sparrows was able to spot the tiny grains on the balcony floor and one of them came down and tok a few grains in its beak. Seeing it the other also dived down and slowly picked the other grains. The birds were much delighted with this unexpected food. Arpi was happily seeing all this just in front of her eyes like a film going on.
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    I sincerely thank all the members who have put in their best efforts to write a creative story based on the image posted by me. Your good spirit is highly appreciated. All entries deserves "Well done".
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