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    Doing wrong should not be judged by the status of the person. All wrongs are wrong.

    The voice of the helpless and the silence have the same price. No one recognizes them in front of the one who has power and influence. Rather than silencing someone, they use the tactic of speaking only in their favor. If one makes anyone silenced, will call as merciless fellow, but if transformed to speak in favor of them, calling as Diplomat. The biggest mistake is not doing wrong but proving it with arrogance and influence. The world is polluted by those who try to cover up and prove their wrongdoings rather than those who do wrong, and those who try to take charge of others.

    The wrongdoings of weak persons shall be punished and of the strong are repeated. This is because the law above the weak and the sphere of influence surround the strong. There needs a powerful legal system that can see and judge not the status of the person who does the wrong, only focused on the wrongdoings. Only then will the same offenses be punished at the same; the mistakes will not be repeated. Wrongdoings do not end without ending up being categorized as holy sins and deadly sins according to the influence of the people who commit them.
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    Good sharing from the author that the wrong should be wrong whether it is committed by big or small people. Normally we have seen that average and weak person goes through the ordeal of wrong doing because he cannot resist nor stop the same for the ignorance of law. Whereas the well to do and informed person always keep the law at bay by taking the refuge into some reservations provided in the court of law. But what is surprising that the law enforcing agencies are going slow on those who are well off and rich and show mercilesly on those who cannot afford and has to undergo punishment unabated.
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    A mistake is a mistake whether it is done by a strong person or a weak person. That is the ideal condition. But in this society, a person who is in power and who is having money can show his wrongdoings as correct things. If a person is having influence, he can manage things in his favour.
    A known person who is rich did an accident while driving. A case was registered against him. But that person managed the police and the case was booked against his driver who was not driving the car at that moment. He paid some money to the driver and managed the whole issue. Whatever fine was imposed was also paid by the owner.
    Everywhere this factor appears. Even the police behave differently with a culprit who is rich and with a culprit who is poor. Many instances can be given as examples. We are all seeing how many criminals are getting bails and roaming on the roads without any problem.

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    A wrong is wrong regardless of who commits it. This is the standard rule but these rules are changed when players are strong and have high status. This is the reality of our social system. This society has been watching this suppression of poor who are deprived of justice and equity. We can notice it in our normal life when a dispute occurs between a rich and poor or strong and weak this social system favours rich and strong group of people. And weaker section is shown sympathy and some soothing words. Sometimes, it is observed that when injustice is occurred with a poor and weak person and another strong person stands by him to give him justice.
    Powerful people are arrogant. If they commit any mistake and their mistake causes havoc, nevertheless, they will not confess their mistake , rather they will blame on others. Consequently, nobody will dare to refute them

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