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    Does India have a good student-teacher ratio in each class?

    When we go to any school invariably we find the total class strength of 40 to 60 students whereas in other countries the strength per class is between 20 to 25. The more the students in each class, that would be not only messy but also becomes difficult for the teacher to have the best attention among the students and she may miss some of them. Though the school management would benefit from one teacher for a wholesome class, the students are the losers as they cannot clarify anything because the teacher may not oblige citing time constraint.
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    The teacher-student ratio will have an effect on the students. Especially middle and low intelligent students will suffer a lot if the ratio is not healthy. The ratio is somewhat better in government schools. But in private schools, we see very high strength in each section. When my son was in intermediate, the class strength was almost 100. Many parents used to complain to the management about this problem. Then they started appointing one observer for every 20 students. He used to monitor these students very closely.
    It is better to have one teacher for every 25 students at least. When I was in M. Sc, the strength was 72 in the first year. But we have not felt any problem because there is no necessity of monitoring individual student. But in school and junior college individual monitoring is very important and there the ratio plays an important role. In government schools also the administration should think of providing an observer for every 25 students so that the monitoring will become easy.

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    The teacher student ratio is vital in the sense that lesser strength of students in the class would provide better audibility and clarification of doubts if raised by the students. The ideal ratio of the students to the teachers should be 20/1. Exceeding the strength of the students beyond this would produce strain for both the teachers and the students. This may occur due to non fulfilling of the doubts of the students due to the strain of the teachers. Even the teachers are not happy either. The school management does not consider this aspect seriously in most of the cases. Adding the teachers would mean swelling the payments of the teachers and they would not like to impose any additional financial burden.

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    In our country we have a very huge population and in this situation aspiring a student-teacher ratio of the kind that many developed countries have may not be feasible as that calls for a significant increase in the number of teachers which is directly related to the increased salary expenditure for the school or college. However the new education policy and thrust in this area might had included solutions for this issue and in coming times we would be knowing about them. Whether we can afford it or not is one thing but the fact remains that in a class if students go beyond 30 then it is difficult for the teacher also to do justice to all the students.
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    What should be a teacher -students ratio in the class depends on type of school where your son or daughter studies in. If every school starts appointment of a teacher for a group of 25 students only, it means extra burden of salary on the shoulders of the management. So, the management unload this burden of expenditure and place it on the shoulders of the parents. If parents don't mind it and they can carry this extra weight of expenses then there is no problem for management to keep this ratio in tact.
    Generally, parents want best educational environment in a school where their son or daughter studies, but when the matter of spending extra money comes they shirk accepting this responsibility. Every school wants to take maximum number of students in their educational academy because they have opened these schools to earn money. Schools are also business centre where money plays a significant role. And these school can not be blamed for earning money because these private institutes don't get any aid from the government, if they don't charge money from guardians how they can survive.

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    The author has brought a good and important topic for the discussion. Many times when we talk about the education system, we discussed teachers' teaching ways, school environment, student behavior, and the most important syllabus as per the classes. But most people ignore the strength of class students, which is one of the most important parts. One teacher can not handle more than a limited number of students, generally in our country at least 40 students are always there in a class. If we talk about other countries as the author mentions they have the strength of 20 students only, but at present, it is not possible in our country still if schools management wants it can hire more and more teachers and divided many sections into one class, this may help in future. For this schools management should change their strategy of the business and think about the progress of the student individually.

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    Though we have a large number of schools but still our student-teacher ratio is not adequate. It means that more teachers are to be recruited. It is natural that if the students are in a large number in a particular class then it is difficult for the teacher to keep a discipline in the class. Once the discipline is lost the students will start doing mimicry and other such things that hey had sen in the movies.
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