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    Lack of discipline leads to many problems

    We all talk about discipline many times. Discipline is nothing but doing things the way it is to be done. We tell our friend that we will meet him at 4 PM. But we will not reach him at the mentioned time and even will not inform him about the delay. Here we are spoiling the time of the other person due to our indiscipline. Like this our indiscipline cause losses not only to us but also to others.

    When COVID first wave was there the government cautioned everybody and asked us to follow the protocols. But many of us ignored and today the situation is out of control. The protocols are very simple and there is no issue in following them. This shows how much we are disciplined.

    Parents should train their children and should make them understand the importance of discipline. That will make them responsible citizens of the country. It is very difficult to make them straight once they grow up.
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    For that matter discipline is the great trait and only few people developed it through their family legacy and many does not bother to follow the discipline. In this regard I trust and admire the discipline being maintained by the Military or the armed forces. They are famous for their disciplined approach on every matter and that is why we respect them very much. As regards to indiscipline seen during the non following of covid protocols during the first surge, there has been time and again alerts, requests and even the warnings to mend their ways, but that all fell on the deaf ears and now facing the tune.
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    It is very true. We are proving by our actions that we are never ready to be disciplined. Those who preach that everyone should be disciplined in various matters are showing indiscipline in the same matter. They are ruled only by the thought that whatever happens to others should get something to them.

    In the current pandemic situation, the government has been publishing the cause of the need of the lock-down, how to wear a face mask and how far to keep the social distance, etc. through all the media for a year, but we see people wearing masks on their beards and going to the streets and shops. These are direct examples of disciplinary violations. What should be done to those who behave like this even in such a horrible situation - even life-threatening?
    Now the police have started hunting down such people. ((The only doubt is whether it often crosses the limits.) Even in literate Kerala, the government has started getting more than Rs. 10 lakh in penalties every day.

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    Though keeping discipline in ones life is always a tough thing but it has its own merits and it provides a person all success and respect in his or her life. Discipline is the key to the proper time management and disciplined people have much time at their disposal and they can plan their lives accordingly in an orderly way. Discipline is not only for adherence to schedules but it is more than that. Discipline is a life style and a perfectly disciplined person will embrace it everywhere in his life. For adhering to discipline in ones life one has to have self control, strong will, and determination to take up and do things as per the programme and plan. One has to make benchmarks of strict discipline for the subordinates, colleagues, or other people so that they can also learn the same thing and adopt it in their lives. The society will not progress if only one person is disciplined. It require a mass awareness.
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    For achieving success, discipline is an essential component in life. Hard work, dedication and discipline go a long way and helps achieve better results in life. Daily routine activities if not done on time can a great many problems. Suppose if you wake up late in the morning and your breakfast is not ready, you may have to leave to work without breakfast. It will create some balance for you in the day and you won't be able to do your work properly.
    Discipline teaches a person time management and helps make all his or her commitments on time. A disciplined person can never have a shortage of time because he always does his or her work on time. An indiscipline person faces many problems and to achieve success for him or her becomes a herculean task. An undisciplined person is like a deserted place without any fascination, barren without anything worthwhile. A disciplined life elevates a person to a high stature and helps people achieve the highest success in life.

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    Discipline plays a significant role in one's life. It makes life meaningful. When discipline shapes one's daily activities he lives his life to the fullest. Discipline teaches to take care of time. Some people waste their time without thinking about how to time important is. Such persons not only waste their own time but also create problems for others.
    A disciplined person has some rules in his life and he spends his life by his rules and regulations. Generally, these people succeed in their lives. They achieve their target because they don't waste their time and energy on useless activities.
    The author has given an example of following protocols pertaining to coronavirus. I agree with him but if those people who preach to others to follow these protocols contravene these protocols themselves then how we can expect them to follow the same. I think instead of teaching others we should follow what we say to others and expect them to do the same. I don't teach people verbally, rather I carry out what I want to say to them.

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    I completely agree with the author, when we think about the word discipline it has its importance in every field or every phase of life. Many people do not understand the value of discipline and end of the day they don't have anything except regret. As the author mentions about the covid-19 situations, this is absolutely true, when every body forcing to wear a mask and keeping social distancing, that time people behaving like they have some extraordinary powers and they will not be infected at any cost. Some of them are the more greatest person who was doing a show off to following protocols, and they used to wear the mask but some times their masks tie on their chin or sometimes masks were hanging on the neck. Seriously this is the limitation of Indiscipline, who believe that they are educated, people. When a person lives a disciplinary life he/she actually making things easy for themselves.

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    Discipline is a very important thing in our lives and is a major factor which decides our course of action in a scheduled manner. Lack of discipline in life is like a wandering boat in the sea where there is no one in he boat. The wise people generally adhere to the strict discipline in their lives and that helps them in advancing ahead to meet their aspirations.
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