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    Arguments should be based on facts and not just ideas.

    Arguments have always been a complicated subject in our society, there are many reasons for this confusion because there are many restrictions on this one word" Argument", such as -

    Do not argue with your elders.
    Do not argue with a person more experienced than you.
    Don't make arguments with a stupid person.
    Don't make arguments with your teachers or seniors.

    Many parameters are measured before making an argument. But whatever it is, here I talk about a general argument which can be between any two persons. Arguments can occur in every situation where your views do not match the views of the front one.

    But would it not be futile to participate in such arguments, which are only based on ideas or thoughts?

    When the base of arguments is factual, then its result is also the best, it is not a matter of defeat or victory, it is just like sharing knowledge. I am not denying that ideas or thoughts do also have their values, but when we include factuality in our arguments as much as possible, only then we will come to a meaningful conclusion, and in the end, the same conclusion should be considered fruitful.
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    Discussions are always better than arguments. We should not unnecessarily get into arguments. Arguments will always create negative feelings only. Actually, no arguments are required in our normal life. But discussions are required. When the discussions are not going orderly, they will go into the form of arguments.
    Actually, an argument will take place when only we want to say that our idea is only correct. Really if somebody wants to get the best use of the information we should discuss with others. The discussion should be always issue-based. Who told what is not important. What is the point and how it is useful in the given situation are important? But what and who comes into the picture, arguments will become severe and people will lose their patience and go wild. Such arguments will never yield good results. All the parties in the argument will lose. But a healthy discussion will always give a win-win situation for all the participants.

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    Some people argue for argument sake and definitely that is not in a good taste. Arguments should be based on solid logic and ground data otherwise people will not take it seriously. The first thing that comes to our mind about arguing is that why we should argue at all. What is the objective behind it? Generally the purpose of argument is to convince other persons about our point and if they agree the argument ends. But that is not what usually happens and most of the times people start arguing, making points and counter arguments in or against the issue. Any argument where adamancy is there between the parties will not yield any solution and there is no use of the arguments if we do not reach to a practical solution acceptable to all the stakeholders. Wise people avoid arguments and when they argue they go for that only after a thorough home work.
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    , If arguments are based on reasoning, logic and evidence then these arguments increase knowledge and such arguments are always welcome but if arguments are based on fallacious reasoning, useless debate, rigid thinking, ignorance and obstinacy then these arguments will invite quarrel or hot talks. These arguments aims to defeat the opponent. We should avoid these unnecessary arguments. On the other side, the discussion is better than arguments wherein participants are expected to express their views and opinion about any topic. I also like discussion because it is a source of knowledge When we discuss with knowledgeable people we are benefitted from their knowledge and reasoning.

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    People who understand the value of their time will never be a part of a discussion that is irrational, or just based on thinking because at the end of the day we can not changes one mentality.

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    I applaud the author's post that the arguments should be factual. It is difficult to fully accept some of the restrictions of the past that were added to it. When we talk to adults, instead of arguing, we call it discussion. The reason is that we often have to argue with adults as well. Even when certain things are pointed out objectively, some adults continue to speak out against them. So how can it be wrong to list our arguments without even considering that he is aged? The priority there is not for an age, but for the facts and documents, we present. As well as being a person with great experience in many matters sometimes comes to the forefront during certain arguments. But if we can be authentic on that present subject, then we are superior and authentic to the superior person ahead. In both cases, it can be described as a discussion rather than an argument. But in none of these cases, you must not enter with mere hearsay or some of your ideas. Our arguments should be with the backup of facts and/or documental evidence.
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    #3 is a real gem!
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