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    Keep contacting relatives and friends over phone especially in this epidemic.

    Now almost all of us are isolating ourselves due to this covid effect. Previously if we are contacting with relatives and friends would not felt much. But nowadays the situation getting worse day by day. Many of us cannot move out though we are not get affected but because of affected neighborhood or in our area. In this situation it is better to have casual contact with them though there is no matter to discuss or enquire. It becomes somewhat consolingly each other. Our feelings would be more if we heard any negative news later that we would have sleek to them.
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    What the author suggested holds good and must because the second surge has become more challenging and brought more agony and pain to many as they lost near and dear and none to help. Now the lock down announced in Hyderabad and for us we cannot move from 10 am to 6 am in the morning. In that case having contact with phone has become more imperative and those who have the habit of visiting people would find it difficult now. Even the friends or relative be kept in touch with social media or the phone and that would give them the cushion that some body is contacting them even in this trying times.
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    True. I agree with the author. Now because of this pandemic, we are not able to go see the friends or relatives even though they are nearby. All are in their houses only. A blessing in disguise is a mobile phone. Luckily all of us are having these cell phones. This is making us be in contact with our friends and relatives. During the first wave of Corona, I used to contact my friends and relatives very frequently and used to talk to them.
    But these days I am hesitating a little bit. Whomever we contact, we are hearing some type of bad news. This is making us a little worried. Even then I am contacting my friends and close relatives once in a while. We are hearing a lot of negative news also. But if we contact such people they may get some strength with our talk. So we can continue talking but by hearing that news we should not become nervous which is not good. But I feel when we talk to them we should not convey them more negative news which will work on their health also. So we should be selective in passing on the information.

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    It is true that during the time of this epidemic, when all the people are imprisoned in their homes, I think mobile phones are being used the most. But some people are keeping the phone as mere entertainment and are forgetting its real importance. The practice of the phone was done so that we could stay close to our loved ones even while away.
    Earlier we were only able to talk on the phone, but with the development of technology, now when we can talk to our loved ones through video calls, then people should take advantage of this feature. The author has rightly said that stay connected with your relatives, friends, and special people as much as possible. Many people have lost a lot in this epidemic, many people have started giving up and some are getting stressed. In such a situation, talking to them for some time will make their and our minds light.

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    A good advisory by the author though I hope that most of us are already well connected to our relatives and family members who are staying at different places. We all are going through a tough time and people are having various problems and difficulties depending on their age and profession and other related aspects. Thanks to the mobile telephony and internet facilities that people are able to talk to their friends and relatives and are also able to have video calling with them especially on birthdays or other such occasions. In a nutshell these facilities have helped all of us to remain connected with each other.
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    The author has raised a nice thread. It is a fact that we all have stopped moving out due to the pandemic but at the same time, it has given us an opportunity to stay in contact with our relatives, nears and dears. Due to busy life, we had lost connection and the bond of love with our relatives even in a family people look strange to each other while remaining glued to social media on our smartphones. In the pandemic, people are totally cut off from outdoor activities and only mobile phones are a source of contact with our people in our vicinity or our friends and relatives living in far off places. It will bring some positivity if a person rings his relative or friends and inquire about their well being. And it is then our responsibility to ensure about the relative, friends, nears and dears. We should take this opportunity to call who we have been snapping ties due to the busy life schedule. It is the perfect time we should revisit our sympathy and empathy towards each other and stay in contact with each other ever after this crises.

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    I welcome this suggestion of the author and especially during this period when large part of the country is facing lockdown. If we may not visit one another then at least we should keep in touch through phone. It will strengthen our relationship with our our relatives and friends.
    In my area we do not stay inside our doors. We are see simply warned by the local administration to wear a mask and keep distancing and come out of home when it is necessary, market is also opened but partially. So it is not a big problem to visit our relatives and friends and they may visit us too but since everybody seems to be scared of coronavirus, nobody knows who is corona positive. Many people have died of coronavirus and only a few people besides family members and close relatives have participated in last rituals.
    So in this situation when people doubt each other of being corona positive , so it is better to stay away from each other and should keep in touch through phone.

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    During these tough times it is necessary that we remain in touch with our friends and relatives as that keeps up our morale high and we support each other to face the present crisis. Due to social distancing norms we cannot go out to meet them and it is necessary to contact them on phone call or video call. Today we have the technological advantage to do that conveniently.
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    The one relief in this time of crisis when normal travel, meetings and other interpersonal social interactions are hindered- is to keep tele-communication. Fortunately we have the good facility of even video call .This can to a large extent compensate for the lack of proximity physically.
    So it is imperative that we keep contacting our relatives, friends and well wishers reasonably frequently. It is also needed that we contact and communicate with those who may feel comfortable and relieved on our talking to them.

    WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom. Google-meet etc are helping people in these difficult days to keep in touch and 'reach'.

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