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    Have you ever felt that when we look out of the window, we are peeping inside ourselves?

    Certainly, I can say that as a kid, we often looked outside the school or home window. You all must have noticed that we all still do this often. Often when we look outside the window we get lost in our thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. we find that our mind has also calmed down, resulting in newness and excitement in us. At that moment we are looking outward, but, in fact, at that time, we perceive the pleasure of going through the process of introspection and subtle meditation without any hindrance.

    Often we have found that when we look out of the window while traveling in a bus/train/car, we feel a deep connection with nature. Many times we have seen children how they forget everything while looking out the window and keep their eyes out as if they are in deep thought.

    Several times we have seen that when we are a little distracted or unable to concentrate anywhere, we stand up directly in front of the window. At that juncture, we head to the window and stare outside while drinking tea or coffee. Thereupon we feel peaceful and relaxed as if fresh energy has been transmitted.

    It appears that we are gazing outside but we are analyzing the inside. Don't you think this is a great exercise for self-analysis?

    Please share your thoughts and experience?
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    We all need to analyse ourselves once in a while. That gives us some points regarding where we have to improve ourselves. That will also help us to know what are the strengths we have and where we need improvement. For this, we require a lot of concentration and deep thinking. For this, we should sit alone. Sometimes I do this by sitting near the window of our living room and look outside. My looks may be outside but we will not be thinking about what we are and our concentration will not be on what our eyes are seeing but it is on our thoughts in our mind.
    But when I sit normally and start looking at nature outside the window my concentration will be on what my eyes are seeing but not on the thoughts that are there in my mind. It all depends on the concentration and focus I have in my mind. The author is very correct in saying that even though we are looking outside our thoughts will be about our inside only.

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    The author has brought in a important subject which can be discussed and written as per the personal experince of each of us. For me seeing the window is the new day and new hope. While I do Sandyavandanam early in the morning, I look at the window, as the sun slowly raises , birds chirping and travel towards the sun, the early morning chores from other homes can be seen and the big thing is that day has began, the milk man, the news paper boy and the vegetable vendors have started appearing at every homes. I can also listen to devotional songs from some homes which indicates that morning rememerance of God has already began in some homes. And I can listen to cooker sounds from some homes indicates that the house holds have already started their daily chores with right earnest. All these can be seen from the windows.
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    Window is used to see what is happening around us . Why every passenger chooses window seat sounds a habit of all. Perhaps everybody wants to see how the world is moving. Also I prefer to sit by window in a bus or train. If I am travelling in night even then I peep into darkness and follow shadows running away from us, instead of sleeping like other passengers. While we are travelling we are close to nature. We pass by jungle, river, hills, mountains, plains, desert where nature exposes its beauty to every lover of nature. Some travellers change their travel into safari by snapping pictures.

    I never think about introspection while peeping out of window.

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    Totally agree, whenever our distracted mind either stands near the window to look outside or relaxes by standing on the balcony. I think it often happens when we are in some sadness or trouble or when we have not made our focus on any work. Continually looking at the window for some time, slowly our thoughts start to be positive and calm the mind. Perhaps there can be a reason for this, that when we distance ourselves from nature in the room for a long time, then our functionality is affected, and as soon as we connect ourselves to nature for some time but back then The same energy starts to flow in our mind and body through our thoughts. There was a time when I used to travel on buses and I have also shared one thread regarding thoughts during traveling specially when we sit on the window seat, this is really a relaxing moment while thinking about many imaginary thoughts over there.

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    Yes. True. This thread reminds me the song " Mere Saamnewale Kidki mem ek chand ka thukda rahtha hai" a Hindi song sung by Kishore Kumar. I too see a family of young newly married couple staying on the first floor of a building that is visible to me from my window. Whenever I open my windows, I see the pairs sitting and enjoy talking from the parapet of their house. I feel that I am peeping through the windows. And I close the windows. What to do? I am not able to open my window due to the scene that I watch.
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