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    The subject chosen by the students indicating his mental capacity - this concept is wrong.

    Once again, the time has come to make important decisions in the lives of 10th pass-out students, some of them are themselves confused and some are being confused by their family or society. Strange thinking is still prevalent in society that after 10th, the subject taken by the students is a symbol of his mental capacity and ability in studies, while this thinking is completely wrong.

    I don't know but it may be possible that a very long time ago, students who take maths or science are intelligent and others may be less intelligent who take arts, but the present situation is not like this. Nowadays, every student is very aware of his future and is planning a lot for his career.

    In such a situation, let the students decide what subject would be appropriate for their respective careers. If you cannot give the right guidance and advice to students in career, then please do not divert them from their path. Students will get thousands of options in every field that they are interested in.
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    I agree with the author that thinking about the mental calibre of a student based on the subjects he has taken in his studies. In earlier days the students are not having that much exposure to the outside conditions and they were depending more on the recommendations of their elders or teachers. But slowly the conditions are changed. The student can decide by himself what will be his cup of tea. What he prefers as a career and what are the subjects he is having interest. So parents should not decide what their children should study. The children should definitely select the subjects wisely based on their interest.
    These days more and more skill-developing courses are getting emerged and students are showing more interest in those courses more than other subjects as they know that career development will be better in those lines. What subject you studied is not important. But how good are you in that subject is more important these days?

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    What I feel that those passed out the 10th class exam knows themselves as to in what subjects they are strong, in what subjects they are average and normal. Accordingly they have to go for higher streams in Intermediate and in this regard neither the parents nor the friends have any say. Many a time the parents would ask the child to take science stream probably to make future doctor. But when the student is not interested then forcing such stream is waste. What I feel that the candidate can know his own capacity and studying ability in main subjects from the 8th class there fore he is the best person to take the decision on future course of action. And talking about mental capacity on which subjects he is bestoved and given, that depends on the students concerned. One thing is sure parents are duty bound to support their children in this regard.
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    Students take subjects as per their interest and also which subjects are suitable for their future career. If a student wants to become a doctor he will have to choose the PCB group.
    Generally, intelligent and diligent students opt for the science stream and average students opt for the art stream. I see only a few students doing PhD in Math. I know many students are doing or have done PhD in different subjects in my town but there are only three people who have done Ph in Math. It makes a big difference.
    I think the level of intellect decides which stream is suitable for different students.

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    Choice of the subjects after passing class ten should be made by the pupils only and there should not be unnecessary pressure from the side of the parents to choose a particular stream which they are insisting on. Even if the children would do so, there is the chances of their miserable failure due to their lack of interest. Earlier it was the concept of that any pupil choosing science stream would be faring well in their chosen areas because of vast scope of the science. Such selection of the science subjects alone would open the doors of prosperity is not correct while we observe the students of other streams. We have seen the pupils having their post graduation degree in Economics, Commerce or even in English could grab prestigious assignments later with their hard labours. Hence there should not be any undue pressure from the parental side regarding the section of subject rather they should be allowed to go ahead with their own choice so as to emerge successful later.

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    In this age of opportunities only for the best - not the better, it is a blessing to be able to study a subject of one's choice. But after the 10th class, I don't think the parents will get accurate and apt answers for an inquiry of the subject he is interested in. Wouldn't he have the maturity of only a 15-year-old child? So parents should not put out their ego and interests first, but also observe which subject the child is most interested in from 8th class onwards and add it to the +1 class for the subject related to it.

    After the +2 class, they can join the degree class considering their interests. If when parents become more selfish, some of the students who are admitted to higher classes with uninterested subjects, perform not well and become average or below average. If children are asked, they will open up to their parents about the subject they are interested in. After evaluating the general standard and job prospects, and convincing the child will come to a common decision, it will be acceptable to the child as well. Another category is children with an opinion that emphasizes learning the easiest subject. Children will try to avoid a subject that they heard is difficult. That means he is not ready to suffer. Forcing such students to study a subject that they think difficult may have the opposite effect.

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    I couldn't agree more with the author. Times has changed, science is not the only stream or subject that provides good job opportunities, humanities as well as commerce have been giving golden opportunities to student as well. It is very important that every student makes a careful decision of choosing their subject, they should not come under any pressure nor should parents put pressure on them. It is scientificely proven that if a student really loves their subject then their are more chances of them excelling in that subject. Choosing a stream has a huge say on what career path or atleast what side or areas you want to work in the future. And no student should be ashamed of choosing arts or commerce as they are equally important and necessary in the working of the world. One should be confident in their stream, love their subject and work hard to excel.
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    It is believed that a student can do better in his or her interest area that is the area of his or her liking. It is also a fact that people are able to do much better in the area where they enjoy working. So, that is one primary consideration that a student takes into account. Another thing is quest for a good career. What usually happens is that a student sees much scope and job opportunity in some particular stream and then decides himself to opt for that but in that case if the interests are in some other stream then a lot of hard work is needed to align the mind in this new direction where the rewards are apparently more. A student goes through all these things prior to deciding for the subjects to be taken up in the next class.
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    @ 730389
    I can't understand where you do not agree with me, because your response is pointing to the same thing in which this thread is about. I have also been given the same point that the choice of the subject depends on the interest of the student and this decision should be taken by them.

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