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    Action and not image building is the chief imperative now

    Those who have been following social media are simply aghast at the desperate attempts of the ruling dispensation to manage their image. A news item in Daily Guardian mentioned that the PM was doing great work and the hardest work and that the opposition claims should not be believed. An investigation into the background of the story has now revealed that the author of the said article in question is a die-hard supporter of the BJP. Of course, this has happened a few days later than the horrible and nail-biting comments of the foreign media. The stage-managed ploy has fallen flat on its face.

    Today, we need action. We do not want image building. The sooner this is realized by the concerned leader, the better.

    {Edited- The author is advised to be receptive to suggestions from the Editors.}
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    Sorry. Please read desperate attempts of the ruling dispensation to manage their image and that of their Chief Architect in the above thread.

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    The author has made a critical observation and it is a fact that political parties whether they are in power or not always try to make their image as good and noble in the eyes of the common public. If we analyse the behaviour and comments of the people in the social media today then we will find two distinctive groups present in it who are doing great PR work for the party with which they are affiliated or in whose doctrine they believe. A neutral person can visualise it in a better fashion and actually it is so evident that even a blind observer will note it while surfing through the social media. This has gone to such an extent that whoever stops doing this PR propaganda would lose the sympathy of the public and may lose in the coming elections miserably. We can see that channels in TV or social media network are so clearly aligned in different directions that people as per their convenience are telling that they will only view such and such channels because those channels are showing what they want. It is a very bad situation and we cannot blame a single party for this as it has become a widespread disease in our country.
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    The author has been very scathing on our PM and every time he raises a thread it attacks him or the party. Now I would like to answer him straight away. The Kuvvam passing through the main Saidapet area has been neglected for the years and the author should make PM responsible, So many schools in TN states were in delipated conditions to which the author may target PM should be responsible. The nuisance created by the drunkards on the streets and roads are because of PM giving the access to liquor even at odd timings and the author has the right to blame him. The current cuts often happen in Tamil Nadu to which PM can be held responsible. Now the opposition parties across the country are not united to which the author can make PM responsible for the such worst situation. Hope other members woud have understood my response.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our country and countrymen have been facing a very tough time. I am thinking about what will happen after the lockdown is lifted. Right now the curfew-like situation has been imposed in almost all states. People are stopped from work. Financial crisis may catch-all and sundry. GDP is going down, unemployment graph is rising. People are seen scared of the deadly virus. How to cope with this devil we have no vision, no strategy. It is being said that energy is invested in image building and damage control. If it is true then what we will get by it we don't know. It is possible that our accessibility of our thinking is limited. We being common people think from our level.
    Some videos which are shared on YouTube show the horrible reality of our society. How people are crying. Many of them are showing their hopelessness.
    I wish to see normalcy get restored soon.

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    It is politics. Image building is also required to some extent to win the elections. But the priorities should be known to them that what they have to do and when they have to do.
    These days we see a clear division in electronic and print media and social media. A part of the media is towards the ruling party and the other is towards the opposition. But we are not able to find a neutral person who calls a spade a spade. In such a situation we can't believe any report.
    The age-old Congress leaders created an image for the Nehru family and they believe that no other person except that family can run the party and government. But now we are seeing the state of that party. So it is not good for anybody to go for such actions.
    People may believe anybody blindly for some time but not forever. This is an established factor and no second thoughts about it.

    always confident

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    Mohan Sir should tell us only one thing: do we need someone from the ruling party paint a totally false picture, when the bodies are floating in UP and Bihar? Why don't you own it up and then say we will do our best?

    The problem starts only when image building goes to the other extreme. In Tamil ( which Mohan Sir can understand) we call this muzhu poochanikkaiyai soththil marikkum muyarchi) which translates into someone trying to hide a full pumpkin in a heap of food served on a banana leaf. The comparison is obvious.

    You try to hide something, the international media wakes up and goes hammer and tongs and then you opt for a paid makeover?
    You mean I have to beg you for oxygen, medicines and treatment? And you still say this is fine? What democracy is this Sir?

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    At home when you are not keeping good with anyone, the non-cooperation moment takes place. In the same way, the state governments ruled by the opposition parties do not care the centre and when it comes to drawing their share they talk of rights and what not. When Congress was ruling, NTR had to beg for the funds and Rajiv Gandhi won't even talk to him. When these were the traits of Congress no one questioned them and the present govt in TN is the friend of Congress. The centre knows what to give and what time and everything cannot be politicized as there are procedures and prompt actions than never before.

    {Please note that the thread is about fake image building without proper action on ground.}

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The editors reviewed this thread late and by the time my responses were appended. Then why it was given zero points if that was not the right answers. They should have deleted it. The author has been coming up with anti center anti PM thread to which ISC is not giving the right to debate it. This not the first time , many times he has be warned and his threads are continued to live, and at the cost of our responses which are treated nothing. Let the author keep on saying on raising threads, and I have hence forth decided not to respond as the mark of protest. This is serious issue and the editors need to understand.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is imprudent to blame the centre for what is happening in the states. The state government owes the responsibility to see why the bodies are floating on the river. It is only on the river Ganges which is famous to witness dead bodies floating after their cremation. It could be the plan of anti BJP parties to gather all the old dead bodies and make them to float together.

    Image building is a common thing for any party. But this is not the time to build image but to care the people. Central government is doing all its best, but state governments have a major role to play in controlling the present situation.


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    We have to accept this fact that any party which is ruling as Govt or even not ruling as Govt would try to make its image in the public because that is the only way to win in the next coming elections. Now if a party is making image through good groundwork and helping the poor and doing things for uplifting the society then it is natural that it will slowly gain the attention and respect of the general public and come in power whenever there is an opportunity. At the same time a false image building by any party is surely in a bad taste and public should condemn it whether it is the ruling party or the people who are today in opposition and trying to come in power next time. So the rule applies to all and we should be open to the criticism for any entity which is doing such false image building. Only unbiased and aware citizens can do that sort of analysis.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Action speaks by itself. When there is action and good action then there is no need to advertise it or make people aware about it. People are seeing the things happening in their practical lives and can judge a Govt by it. Govt cannot mislead the people by making a false image because once people know the truth then the ruling regime will be at a loss. We expect actions by the Govt and that also the actions which are in the general interest of the common masses. A Govt who cares for a larger section of the society remains in power for long. False image building would never be helpful.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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