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    Need to know the way to exit also.

    The smell of some tasty food brought the stray fox closer to the tree. The fox crawled on the tree and realized that the smell was coming from a hole that was not much high. His head went into the hole. After eating the food he tried very hard to pull his head out of the hole. He cried out loudly but to no avail. But he was trapped in the tree hole for days and finally died.

    So, knowing the way out is as important as the way in, or even more important. For many who see the magic of the front door and go in, they can't get out later; whether it's habits or relationships. There can be many reasons to go inside. Many of them give only temporary satisfaction. You may be blinded by unexpected receptions in the first moments.

    For all the experiences of the places you fall into, there will be undeniable fascination. But slowly it may give way to insecurity and danger. Not all open doors are to opportunity and self-fulfilment. Some of them can be traps and dangers. It would be nice to see if anyone who came in is coming back, and that would be a warning. Careful footsteps are required.

    No matter how much you hope to achieve, if you sense danger, you should give up and get out. The way out of it must be known in advance.

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    The author has been sharing stories and happenings and connecting them to the real life happenings and that gives the awesome knowledge build up for every one and also gives us chance to interpret the same to our way of response. And coming to this thread the author has rightly given a tip that we should always know the exit so that we can get rid of things when the situation is not good. Why the cinema halls have the exit boards written above the doors because in the event of emergencies there is every chance of stampede and exit doors would show the way to get out. Even in our own home there should be exit windows which can be easily accessible in times of emergencies and fire but that exit point should not be a beneficial for the robbers. Any way considering a exit point in every life is also a good thought from the author.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has provided a very useful tool reminding us of the points of entry and exit. If either of the points is not known to us, we may be entrapped badly and even sometimes it would be difficult for us to make an exit. This technique is applicable to all the spheres of our lives. Take the case of the car driving. If we know how to accelerate the car but we forget how the car can be stopped, it could be dangerous. The same thing can be extended in the case of any machinery being operated by a newbie, the supervisor should impart him sufficient training of the entire precautions to be taken in case of its operation. Any effort made at any point in course of operation including the stoppage of the machinery would ultimately prove to suicidal for the operator apart from the loss of the company in case the machine goes out of order due to malfunctioning.

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    We all know the story of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu knows only how to enter into Padmavyuha. Oneday during the war between Kauravas and Pandavas, Arjun has gone to a distant place with Krishna to fight out a king. Drona knows that there is nobody in Pandavas on that day who can enter and safely come back from Padmavyuha. So he created that Padmavyuham on that day. The Pandavas were in a fix.
    At that time Abhimanyu came to Dharmaja and told him that he can go inside the vyuha and fight out the enemies. As there is no alternative Dharmaja agreed and planned to go behind him into the vyuha. But unfortunately, all the four Padnvas couldn't enter and only Abhimanyu went inside. He troubled almost all Kauravas on that day. But the senior warriors in Kauravas came around him and killed him by violating all the rules of the war. If Abhimanyu knows how to come out of Padmavyuha, the war might have been over on that day itself in favour of Pandavas.
    We should know how to come out of the activity if it is proved to be bad for us. Otherwise, the loss will be heavy and can't be compensated.

    always confident

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    The author has shared a story and has put a condition that someone must.know how to come out if he enters somewhere but It is not possible in every situation. Message of this story is something different which warns people not to have greed. Greed of getting anything snatch intelligence of a person. He loses all his reasoning power if greed overpowers him. This is the greed which makes him blind-folded.
    We have read a story Alibaba and 40 thieves in 4th class Hindi book. Several movies have been picturesed on this story also. How hero's brother was overpowered by greed and caught in the cave and could.not come out and eventually, he lost his life because of greed.

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    The nice moral story given by the author. The first thing that came to my mind after reading this thread was related to the incident of Abhimanyu. The story the author has shared is fantasy and animal related, while animals still have less intelligence than humans, but when we look, we will find that there are many humans in the human world who lack intelligence or They keep giving evidence of negligence. Actually, this is more the case with those people who participate in it without knowing the work completed but do not know its end. Similarly, some people just start moving ahead without thinking before, even when they do not know how long the path is ahead or maybe the path ends in a ditch where there is no way to return. The necessary knowledge about it, it is very important for any task. Due to greed, we should not stuck our heads in a small hole.

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    It is a very enlightening message that shows that we must think very carefully before doing any task. We should not just surrender patience to get attracted to something. We should complete the work with extensive preparation. It should never be forgotten that where one part of the preparation is how to start it, and the other part is to know how it is going to end. Only then can the preparation be considered successful and complete. It has been observed that most of the time it seems easy to enter, whereas it seems very difficult to exit, which is often due to lack of proper planning and failure has to be seen.

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