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    Job opportunities in home delivery services

    Due to the present pandemic many new areas of job opportunities are emerging in the business world. Home delivery is one of them and has already become a prominent feature and is going to be the biggest activity in this situation. Delivery of food items, vegetables, milk, medicines, medical test equipments, stationery items, tiffin service etc are going to phenomenally increase in the coming times as virus is not appearing to fade away in absence of robust vaccines and curative drugs.

    So, for the young people who are unemployed and are not getting any opportunity for a regular job, in this situation, it is time to take advantage of this emerging scenario and either join some small business or outlet which is providing home delivery of various merchandise or start ones own delivery service by choosing certain items which are needed by the households frequently. Some women groups have already started preparing food in their houses and are delivering it to the customers, through delivery boys, who want only home made simple food at a reasonable price. Are you aware of such endeavours in your area? Are the young ones choosing these jobs? Please share the information.
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    Already enterprising people have located themselves to such money yielding knacks through service oreinted jobs which is part time in nature and also fetches good money. In this regard I wish to share one real thing happened as a teacher by profession who lost the job during the first covid was unable to cope up without the salaries and hence hit upon the idea of purchasing organic vegetables from the farms and selling them directly to the customers. She has developed good relations with the customers for the past one year and today she is earning more than 2000 rupees daily whereas as teacher she was merely earning 18000, so she is not only happy and going but also having ample time for her children and other activities. Her activities end in less than four hours a days and earning is stupendous and I congradulated her for the courage and shift.
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    Chances for delivery people are increasing as many people are ordering items online. So there are many chances for these posts. But many people are losing their jobs also. Many salespeople are losing their jobs. There are very famous shops for clothes in Hyderabad. They used to employ a very good number of boys and girls for sales. These days there is a decrease in the sales in these shops. So the shops are asking many of the sales boys and girls to go. I don't know whether this job loss here may compensate for the rise in jobs in the delivery area. Anyhow it is very good that some way or other people are able to earn for their livelihood.
    As per the present situation cooking in the house and supplying to others has become a good source of income. Many of my friends who are staying with their spouse alone are looking for such reliable services and many people are coming forward. My distinct relative is staying in Visakhapatnam is staying with his wife, a son and daughter in law. All four of them tested positive. So they started getting food from outside. Like these many people are there who are getting food from outside. So there also many chances exist.

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    When people have no jobs due to lockdown they have to do something for their survival. It is pathetic to see that they are compelled to do kind of menial jobs. Working as a delivery boy is not a very respectable job for a qualified person but what an educated person can do to earn some money. Pandemic affected almost all countries but they came out from this maze of coronavirus. Gradually, their economy is coming back on track. What is happening in our country those who are facing this problem of joblessness understand the gravity of this problem but those who are retired and getting their pension have no problem or who are working in government sector they are also not worrid about future but small businessmen or shopkeepers or people who were doing private jobs have no jobs now are worried for future. This is a very bad period for them.

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    In this pandemic condition no one thinking about reputed or unreputed jobs, a person just wants some income for surviving. Unemployment will come at the top of the list of epidemic losses, because on one hand, people are sick and weak, on the other hand, some people have been made sick and weak by their poverty and unemployment. In such a situation, many people came to know about various options like war from home, such as the author has given the proper example of the delivery person. When everyone is making more sense to stay home due to the lockdown, the delivery person's contribution to sending the goods to the home increases by calling any shop or arranging for the necessary goods. If people want, they can help people in their own ways. If someone around your house is such an unemployed person, then he can help him by giving him some money by cleaning the outside of the house but not by his house.

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