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    What may be the attributes of India's slowing down of population growth?

    At the time world population is increasing at a rapid speed, India's population growth was slow since many years, thanks to the education among the women, the poverty of the poor is alleviated, and the shift of rural to urban culture by the villagers made known their responsibility towards stop growth of population. Even urban people who were considering two child norm earlier are now restricting to one child for obviois reasons. Do you feel India is really controlling the population growth in all the sects of the people ? Should there be further stringent measures to control the population growth ?
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    A report from the United Nations Population Fund says that the population growth rate has slowed down over the past decade. The awareness among the people and many people are planning their family and deciding when to have their child. This made a good impact on the population control in our country. The living standards of the Indian middle-class families also improved and this is also a reason for the population to slow down. They feel having fewer children and giving them a better living standard rather than having more children and not providing them with a better standard of life. There is an improvement in the education levels of both men and women. This gave them a better awareness of the importance of family planning.
    But even today some section of the people in India are not following these family planning measures and hence their population is increasing. For overall development, all sections should go for their family planning so that we will have a better-developed nation.

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    India is a developing country and a large section of the population is still uneducated, or unemployed, or underdeveloped and with them, the population is an important standard. It will be difficult to tell who is responsible for the reduction in the population rate, but if we analyze, we will find that many factors are involved in this, such as in the policies brought by the government, when the government contributes certain money to the family whose Should have only one child or two daughter children, etc. If seen in the same in the cities, even if both husband and wife are also employed in the same family, then their priority is that first a child can be given all the facilities in the best way, so in such a situation, people consider it appropriate to have only one child. Whatever the reason, the population growth rate has come down and this is not a bad thing for the country. The proudest thing is that India is found to be the youngest section of the country, if everyone starts getting employment, then soon India can move forward in the path of a developed country.

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    India has always struggled when it comes to maintain it's population growth. Even though the population growth has become relatively very stable nowadays but we are still growing at a very high rate. India is a partially educated country and I believe that the inability of many people to get access to these family planning programs insisted by the government is the major reason behind such growth. A lot of uneducated families and adults believe to have more children as more labor and earing. If the government provide them resources and educate them about the necessity of population growth then only their will be a considerable improvement in our population data.
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    It is known that more than two children are being born only where people are not literate. It is a bit of an overstatement to say that the lack of education is the cause of overpopulation, but the fact that awareness has not yet created the necessary awareness in this sector points to that. Under the current circumstances, the family can only survive if the father and mother work in a normal home. Where that is not the case, family planning is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The illiterate must be literate if they are to understand this.
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    India's population explosion has been a.problem for the country for many years. Government has been encouraging and motivating people to control on birth rate and this problem can not be solved unless people are aware of the repercussion of this problem. It is good to hear that now our population is going down due to birth control. This message is to be passed to the lowest class of the society where big family is the matter of pride.
    There are several factors which affect mindset of people like literacy rate, social environment, awareness, social status, advertisement & propaganda and event management etc.

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    Population control and study on population explosion is not a new one to our country, In 1974 itself it was an important lesson in our Economics when we study degree first year. Since then our government is struggling to curtailing population explosion. The main problem in this, not only in this, even today's covid eradication or prevention, we, public are not cooperating but expecting everything from Government. In the middle, the courts on some PILs, giving verdicts to avoid strictness in promulgating rules by Government. Unless people cooperate, no control can be got effected.

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