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    How to prepare a resume ? Share your ideas

    Now that most of the students are about to qualify their exams and in the absense of campus interviews in many colleges, the direct approach is the only way left and for which the the students need to draft their own resume and that should be attractive, meaningful, straight forward and over all very impressive at first sight. The better the details appended on the resume, the better the chances one can get against others. I call upon the members as to what should be main contents of the good resume so that immediate action is for sure.
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    Aspirants seeking a new job are often confused about how to make an impressive and outstanding resume. Have they placed points that would give importance to their resume?

    First of all, it is very important to know which job post candidates are making their resumes for. So that whatever qualification or experience they have related to that particular job, putting down it in the resume improves the significance.

    The purpose behind this is that the interviewer and the hiring manager barely take 5 or 6 seconds to examine the resume of the candidates. They are looking for a few specific points in their resume. If they find points related to their job then they shortlist such resumes for the further process of interview.

    So the noteworthy point is to make a resume particularly for every job post candidate is applying for. Never try to adjust the same resume for every job post candidate is willing to apply for. Don't neglect the requirements of the job as this is the reason most candidates are never shortlisted for the job interview. Be specific in your resume is a considerably critical point, never put in unnecessary details in your resume and put together it as simple as possible.


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    It is true, it is a big challenge to make a good resume for any job seeker, many times people also prefer a specialist for this job. Basically, the résumé gives a summary of your overall professional life with your qualification and this summary gives a glimpse of you to the interviewer. So before start to making your resume, you should keep all important related facts in your mind and write down them into a rough copy. As far as educational qualification is concerned, it is almost knowing by everyone that starts from high school to your highest education, but when we come on the part of hobbies and ambitions, here we need to be specific, clear and the most importantly honest with information. I have seen many students include too professional hobbies to impress interviewees but it will not work when the front one will ask a question on the same topic. Make a CV that looks simple, attractive, and easy to understand.

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    Resume writing is a profession these days. Many service providers write the resume for you and you have to pay them their charges. But it is always better to write our resume on our own. All job seekers should present their credentials properly in their resume. One should keep in mind that this paper is the first tool that is introducing you to the employer. So we should present it as perfectly as possible. We should present all our skills properly and should highlight the skills which are essentials for the post you have applied for. The skills which you feel are apt for the post should be elaborated and you can mention the other skills you have also. The experience you have in the field should also be mentioned in detail if the post you are applying for is a senior position. If you are a fresh candidate you should mention in details the project work you did and the internship you attended. You should not mention the subjects which you don't know. If you mention them and if you are not able to answer questions on that subject in an oral test you will lose the chance of getting selected for the post.
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