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    Is it right to remain mute spectators to the arbitrariness of some people?

    Even in this macabre form of the epidemic, some people who have not yet seen the epidemic closely enough do not realize its magnitude. They do not yet understand that this is the time to protect themselves and follow the protocols.

    One such careless person, who is our acquaintance, is getting his son married in this environment. These days a lot of weddings have been postponed in my city by the order of the Collector and in such a situation this family is in the process of getting this marriage done quietly. In fact, he called my father and invited us to the wedding. My father, obviously, refused to attend the wedding.

    I and my siblings were discussing the topic and we concluded that we should inform the collectorate that the marriage is being done without permission. But the elder members of the family objected and is dissuading us from reacting.

    We always tend to keep quiet thinking that it is not our problem and is someone else's personal matter. But when such arbitrariness and carelessness can become a problem for many people, how right would it be to remain silent?

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    Sometimes wrong things do happen in front of us and we are asked to keep quiet or just advised to silently watch the situation. In this case what the author has described is something against the state set rules and the law would not agree to such marraiges which are carried without proper permission. And it is the fact a negligent action from a family would have deep effect on others attending the marriage and no one would take further responsibility for the life and after effects of marriage if the infection persists. As a educated citizens we are duty bound to stop which is happening against the law be it a face of with our relatives.
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    When the District Collector is giving permission what is the problem in taking it. That attitude is not correct at this juncture. Anyhow, even though he calls the people should not attend the function to keep themselves safe.
    My close relative's son was planned for the 5th of this month. He took permission from the collector and planned the whole function in a very simple way. Three persons from the groom's side including the groom and three from the bride's side including the bride only attended the whole function. The priest alone came. The whole function was celebrated in the house of the bride and no separate arrangement for cooking and other activities. They performed it in a very simple way. It is better to postpone the function if you want to celebrate it. Otherwise, go to the Registrar's office and get the registered marriage done. This is the best way to perform the marriage function these days. Otherwise, wait for the conditions to improve.

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    In Kerala, at present, up to 20 people are allowed to attend weddings and 10 at funerals. Yet people are forced to prolong ceremonies as much as possible. Twenty weddings were booked at the Guruvayur temple on the day the full lockdown came into effect here. Following the Chief Minister's announcement of lockdown, the visual and audio media reported, then many had called the guests to report the postponement of the ceremony. But one or two weddings were held in the open air in the 'Manjulal' area and the Wedding garlands were handed over. Because the groom or bride had to return to work immediately. In all these marriages, only the parents of the bride and groom, brother and sister of both were only present as witnesses. The marriage took place in 'Manjulal' because Guruvayoorambalam was closed. ( 'Manjulaal' is a banyan tree, under which some Deities there, covered with iron fencing, situated very near to Guruvayoor temple. There is a big statue of Garuda)

    But many are not like this. They behave in such a way that government orders or the horrors of the pandemic situation do not affect them. The feeling that postponing events will adversely affect their status compels them to run those events as scheduled. But the truth is that they have lost the ability to understand that what is happening is the opposite. In this way, the police entered a lavish wedding tent in Mumbai, took the groom by the hand and took him out, and then took his parents, uncles, and brothers to the police station. Many of those who came were scattered in many ways. The prepared food was kept there without being covered in various large bowls. This is a video that came out on WhatsApp recently. Not only those who perform the ceremony but also those who are invited to the ceremony should see to it that such misfortunes do not occur. We must be prepared to fulfill at least the responsibility of saying and understanding these things when it comes to the invitation. But we are often confined to the name of relationships and the state of not being able to say the matter to the person who comes to invite. Let us be governed by the thought that it is our responsibility to break the chain of this epidemic.

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    Though the author has termed it as arbitrariness, I consider such behaviour comes from different causes like arrogance, ignorance, casualness, lack of awareness, lack of experience etc.
    This kind of behaviour becomes manifested in different ways and is exhibited by people whom we think are mature and well educated . Similar behaviour behaviour is exhibited by even politicians who are supposed to be having vision, sense of responsibility etc.
    There is a saying in Malayalam " Kandu padichillengil kondu padikkum"- if one does not learn by other's experience, they will be forced to learn by their own hurting experience. God forbid that and give them good sense.

    But if such behaviour and actions are going to cause harm to others, then the relevant machinery has to interfere and prevent that by restraining them or even by inflicting proper punishment.

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    Marriage will take place as per the scheduled time but protocols should be followed. There should be a maximum of 50 people in the marriage function. And everybody should follow protocols etc.

    As the author has her say that she and her other family members were ready to report against their neighbour who violated laws but their parents stopped them. I think this decision of her parents is practical.

    Generally, I see people are careless about themselves. They don't take care of prescribed guidelines in this pandemic era. Following these guidelines protect us as well as others but what about those 50 people if they participate in the marriage function, a basic question may be asked why are they ready to participate in marriage function when the situation is so serious. Infection of the virus is spreading from person to person. What on earth they are ready to nerve a big risk.

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    So long the marriage remains the affairs between the two families and in the normal circumstances we would promote such events to happen. Though this may not be related to our families even there is such an occasion in the present situation. However, the rate of infection cannot be predicted due to the ignorance of the family- members and if this happens, propagation of corona would take place with a high degree of the spread. It will not only remain confined to that place but it could be seen elsewhere due to the participation of the guests. We should better discuss the situation with the head of the family dissuading him to avoid the happening of the marriage and for this, a group of people should drop in his residence. If the same is not materialised, we should not hesitate in informing the concerned authorities to stop happening the same.

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