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    We need absolute objectivity today

    A thread of mine talked about invoking a word of praise for the PM and his team at a time when the international media exposed every miss of the Govt with all objectivity, facts, photos and what have you.

    And then the Supreme Court came into the picture. Now, the big picture: every human life is precious and we need swift action but it should be so drastic. For example, unless 35 crore Indians are not vaccinated in the next six months, Corona will still be around. Now, cut the red tape. Let the State Governmentd mobilize their own money to buy the vaccines. Let it be very fast. There should be perfect co-ordination. It should result in increased vaccination immediately. That is the objective reality.

    If there is something good done by the PM, I would immediately praise it . I had praised thr good improvement in the Railways long ago.

    However, when there are attempts at image building without the least regard to alleviate human suffering and take charge of the action, we need to condemn that totally.

    Hence, we need total objectivity now and we need quick action. Swift action.
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    The same author has raised the same issue in another thread. This thread is an unnecessary thread. Editors should lock or delete this thread.
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    I feel it is a good decision to decentralise the vaccine issue to the State governments and the Central government can advise them if necessary and asked for. Now every state will procure the vaccine directly from the manufacturer. Planning at the state level will be an easy task when compared to the overall country level.
    In any objectivity is required. But what is the object we chose is also important. Either it is the ruling party or the opposition the main objectivity should be the well being of the people. If that point is taken care there will not be any problem. But these days that is only not visible anywhere. Keeping power or grabbing power has become the objectivity of all the parties.
    Irrespective of the person or party involved, if we analyse the situation based on the issue and come out with a proper conclusion, we will be definitely doing a good job. But how many of us will be doing that is the question comes before us always.

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    I agree that all concerned authorities are required to work with objectivity instead of subjectivity but what is subjectivity in your eyes it may be objectivity in my opinion. We need to see everybody working for people who are looking for help from concerned authorities. The time is very tough for everybody. We need to come together.
    Vaccination is to be administered at the earliest. Merely criticising central government or state governments will not benefit us now. We want to see action on the ground. How maximum number of vaccination is carried out is to be focussed upon by concerned authorities.

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    Decentralisation of the vaccination system would be much more effective since in such a situation, the entire state machinery would discharge their responsibilities effectively. They would rather keep a stock of the situation how many people in a particular area has been vaccinated and the remaining people waiting for the vaccination. This will help the state government for the further procurement of vaccination apart from its proper distribution zone wise so that the campaign becomes successful. The state government can estimate the actual dose to be administered at any moment. They would take enough precautions in keeping sufficient stocks so that no one is deprived of the two doses in case of covaccine and covishield.

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    Sivakumar, as said by Sun, your thread on fake image building also discusses this point about action on the face of the pandemic and you could have very well covered this topic in the other thread itself. It has been told time and again that one should be careful while raising threads and must (must) not come up with different threads to discuss the same/ similar issues. I hope you will now keep this point in mind.
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