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    Is lockdown the only solution to control the 2nd wave of covid?

    As we are all aware that there has been a 2nd wave of coronavirus outbreak and it is spreading widely throughout the country. While some states has relied totally of on full lockdown, other states have had partial lockdown. Last year time it was the same situation however even after a year we haven't quite improved and still continue to suffer. As much as lockdown can seem like a easy solution, I believe it is not. As we saw last year so many people lost their livelihood during lockdown and there were hardly any improvement. As we have been with covid for over a year, we are aware of the precautions that we should take. Along with the vaccine that are made available for everyone above 18. Therefore, I believe that full lockdown will only lead to more restlessness among the citizen, there must be some restrictions but the citizen should be precautions for themselves and take the necessary steps to maintain their health.
    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that even after the ill effect lockdown can have on people, it is the only solution to control the outbreak? Or people should/are cautions enough and should take precautions with certain restrictions?
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    The discipline of the people is more important. Last year none of us know about the virus and panic was there. People never know how this virus will spread. So the government decided on lockdown and it has given good results in controlling the cases and deaths. There is a worldwide appreciation for the country.
    Now the situation is different. We know dos and don'ts. Nobody needs to tell us. We know that we should not go to crowded places and we should use a mask and wash our hand as frequently as possible. We also know that we should not go out without any work. But we never cared for it. That is why lockdown and curfew are imposed on us. I strongly believe that if the people are having self restrictions and implement them without fail, no lockdown is required.
    Elections added fuel to the fire. The election commission might have postponed the elections and people might have been followed the protocols. But not happened that way. Now there is no option left for the governments.

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    To contain this pandemic there does not seem to be a way other than lock down because there is no drug to cure the infection and the vaccination has just started and picking up slowly. Lockdown has many adverse side effects but this only is going to keep the people away from the groups and crowds which is so common in our country not only due to our large population but also due to our close way of living and enjoying all sorts of festivals with each other in a group. Then we also go to crowded religious places for performing puja and to congested markets for searching items at reasonable price. All this adds to spread of this deadly virus which is in search of the hosts for its proliferation.
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    Lockdown is one of the most important terms that we heard during a pandemic. This is true that lockdown can help to reduce the cases to an extent but still there are many people who do not follow even these lockdown protocols seriously. If the government thinking about lockdown it should be strict so that no one can dare to break the rules otherwise there is no mean to declare a lockdown. I think people are enough intelligent to understand the situation of this pandemic era, and they should automatically apply a lockdown in their life to save themselves.

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    The second wave of Covid-19 is more diffuse. Experts, therefore, believe that this new wave requires more intense attention than the first entry. Conquering more people at ten times the speed of the first wave. But there was a situation where people were not ready to follow the instructions of the authorities and health workers. In the first spread, the social distance was one meter. But it needs 2 meters in the second spread. In many places, people rush to meet their needs. Crowds even gathered to get vaccinated. Not ten or a hundred- a thousand and two thousand at every vaccine center. So what is the alternative but lockdown? Even the lockdown guidelines were blown to smithereens and in the early days of lockdown, people took to the roads without any valid reason. Penalties have been levied from the third day onwards when it is difficult to consciously correct them. No one is willing to obey anything and got a fine of more than Rs 10 lakh per day (fined for not wearing a mask, not wearing it properly, not keeping social distance, and taking to the streets except for essential uses) to the government.

    Going for the job and not being able to go to work is a problem. It doesn't seem to matter. The police are cooperating by issuing special passes to those going for work and other work. But the priority is for lives. Livelihood activities come in second place. If there is no life what will be a need for sustenance? For those who are unable to make a living and those below the poverty line, the community kitchen is being provided here under the leadership of the local bodies and NGOs.

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    Lockdown is an emergency solution.
    It is established that the infection is mainly through physical contact, proximity and lack of relevant hygiene.
    People were reasonably following the preventive measures in the first wave period, Hence the infection was coming under control and the number of cases were tapering. Naturally the government expected the same compliance and felt that with the arrival of vaccine, combined with the voluntary self restriction compliance, the pandemic could be kept under control if not fuly eliminated.

    However contrary to such expectations, people somehow slid into overconfidence and themselves decided that the risk is now over. This made them neglect the earlier followed restrictions and precautions. Added to this was the opening of all sectors where there is crowding like cinema, public places, malls, bars, festival s etc.

    As the virus was not eliminated, and it was present among the population, the opening and close contact and crowding without stringent precautions caused the second wave and near catastrophe.

    As still, an effective cure is not found, the only result yielding act was to prevent close contact and proximity. Only a lockdown could bring that. Thus the lockdown is now implemented. In fact it is we the people, politicians and the government combined,who invited and caused that.

    To quote a common native saying, 'Those who ate salt have to drink water'.

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    Lockdown is the last step when no other way is left. Lockdown stops getting income for most of the people. Financial crisis is the worst crisis before common people. How they will manage to bear all expenses may be a big question in their mind. I have been watching the whole social scenario for last one year. I think complete lockdown is not a solution. When last time lockdown was imposed there were only 535 cases and what we got by that lockdown, our economy went down minus 23.90% and we ate not able to recover our fallen graph of GDP.

    We can play blame game for second surge. I see some of us openly blame people for spreading this virus. I dont agree with them but it doesn't mean that people will be exempted from any responsibility but mainly it is the government/s that are responsible for this serious problem.
    Now medicines, oxygen, vaccines, beds in hospitals etc all these basic facilities should be arranged by governments and those who are not infected they should follow protocols wholeheartedly.

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    For that matter every state was hesitating to have lock down because it not only affects the daily chores of life but also disrupts the economy to much extent and the after effects are the high prices and high taxes to the people. Lock down has become the last resort because the discipline of the people cannot be controlled and thus law enforcing agencies are given full powers to deal with sure. It is said that in the absence of people moment for the 20 hours the civic authorities would fumigate and sterilize the problematic areas and thus reduce the spread of the virus present in the air. But people are again grouping and crowding the market place during the four relaxed hour throwing the covid protocol to the wind. Apart from lock down orderly behavior of people has become more imperative to have virus free states soon. Who will understand ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Last year, our Government made a mistake of imposing lock down over entire India which was not required. Our government should have imposed complete lock down only in areas where COVID cases were reported. Those areas(Metros, cities and towns) should have been declared as containment zones and restricted the movement of people in and out from those areas. Further the containment zones could have been identified and imposed lock down as and when cases were reported. By this we could have avoided the suffereing of the entire public and economy would not have been affected.

    What was the use of imposing lock down in Kanyakumari when the cases were reported in New Delhi. It was due to the poor and inefficient advisers to the government of India who could not think and plan well.

    A total mismanagement of the pandemic at the initial stage. And we would not have faced the second wave of COVID. Now things have been let lose, and COVID rules us.

    Now complete lock down or partial lock down won't help us to save from the deadly virus. It is the people's self discipline would save themselves from the clutches of Corona.

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    Though the centere does not want total shut down, it has given rights to the respective governments to decide their way of action to contain the virus. The first lock down was without any preparedness and this time every state govt knows the priorities and they can make arrangements before hand. And the migrants problems were already attended by many local administration as they have been provided with jobs on local projects. If the public is not behaving orderly during the shut down, whether in few hours or for night time, their orderly behavior can save for the future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To reduce the spread of Covid the only thing that comes in sight as well as believed to be working is to avoid people for intermingling as far as possible and for that the most obvious thing is to go for intermittent lock downs for some time till the threat is contained. It is also true that lockdown is an adverse thing for the industry and business but as there is no other alternative the country has to bear this loss.
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    Lockdown declared by the bengal govt. for a period of 15 days from today up to 31st may,2021.The most important shopping crowd was noticed in Wineshop on 15.05.21. And on today's morning all essential vegetables prices has gone high(market period 7am to 10am for essential goods only). People has started behav like last year. Govt is in the opinion that to control the rapidly increasing threat of the virus this lockdown is essential. Hence, to stay fit under the situation we all should think positivity only and try to remove all negative thoughts in our mind including to follow the safety guidelines.
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