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    Character of making false promises is imbibed from childhood.

    In today's world, we find everyone making false promises, cheating others and always working for his own motive and profit. Humanly feelings are disappearing and people are becoming more self-centred. But this habit of making false promises and then cheating, in the end, is not developed overnight. They are results of false promises that are made to a child by the elders and are never fulfilled. It is generally said that a child learns from what he observes in his surrounding. And one such surrounding air is of false promises. Right from the beginning parents weaves a web of false promises to their child. For instance, they make promises of giving gifts to their son or daughter for performing well in the examination, but even if a child fulfils his task, he is never given his reward. Similar unfulfilled motivations are given by school authorities also. It's not bad to have motivators but if we fulfil the task and are not given what has been promised, it develops a wrong feeling in us. This cycle goes on moving unbroken. That child who further moves ahead in life, some of them occupying high positions that would decide the fate of our nation, also starts making false promises as observed from childhood and the results will never be encouraging.

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    It is true. Children imitate elders. If they often see the elders including their parents breach promises, they will also resort to similar acts.
    First they will practice this in front of their own parents only. If questioned either they will feel confused and may even point out that the parents did so to them or others.
    So elders, especially parents should always practice what they preach and behave in a way they expect their children to behave. It should be open, clear, unambiguous and transparent.

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    Either good or bad habits will be imbibed by the children only. The children will learn from their elders. If the elders practice good habits children will also get good habits. So parents should take care of their children and see that they will be on the correct path always. When a child for the first time does a mistake and reports his mother, she should advise the child that what he did a mistake and should not do again, the child will not do it again. Instead, if she keeps silent the child will do the same mistake again and again.
    Many times we see some parents ignore the mistakes of their children and say, they are children and they don't know what is good and what is bad? This is the responsibility of the parents to teach good practices to their children. One should note that children learn by observing us. So we also should not indulge in false issues.

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    Yeas, it is an undeniable fact that small children learn to react or behave by observing activities, the behaviour of their elderly people besides their parents. If we want to instil some good manners into the mind of our children we are required to follow good manners in his /her presence. It is a common mistake of people that they take children lightly and may commit some indecent activities also but these small children learn these indecent activities by observing their elders. What you will say if a 5 years old boy behaves (lip kissing) like an adult with a 4 years old girl. Parents and other family members should shy from children. They should take care of what they do.

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    Appreciation to the author for raising this thread as it connects to the moral ethics being imparted by the parents and that includes to keep the promise and abide by it. Unfortunately unfilled motivations is the greatest cheating practice being followed either by the parents or the school authorities. For example when my daughter was doing the 10th class, the management has promissed 20,000 as prize money for the topper. My daughter along with other two scored the state rank and the management divided the prize money into three. Actually they should have given 20,000 to each student as they brought name and fame to the school. This kind unkept promises will not go well with other students who are about to perform. They think that they will also be decieved by the school management in future. And the parents should not cheat the students.
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