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    Why not celebrate positivity, and avoid highlighting negativity

    It is news on negativity that abounds around us, especially after the pandemic has struck. Even before that there was no dearth of sensationalising and highlighting negative happenings. But now it has breached all boundaries. Negativity is marketed, spread and monetised by whoever benefits from it, especially the media and political sector and vested interests.

    Due to the negativity, a lot of people have been affected. They feel helpless, demotivated and undergo depression and feel sick and vulnerable in some way. Children who are already under stress of not able to play and meet their friends get more scared by seeing negative prophesies and forecasts.

    Even though there are any number of positive, encouraging, inspiring and motivating happenings around us, mostly they are ignored or even hidden and suppressed from coming to people's attention and view.

    Instead of highlighting the number of Covid cases, why can't they report and highlight about the number of recoveries? Why can't they highlight stories of weak and old people recovering fast and going back to their routine? Today I read about the remarkable fast recovery of a woman who had only one lung functional, but recovered from Covid. There are many cases where centenarians and nonagenarians affected by Covid recovered fast and without any complications. Why should the media instill unnecessary fear and scare in people's minds.?

    There are many people who volunteer to transport people to hospitals on time, help by cash and kind as needed, home deliver supplies and medicines. Common community kitchens, prayer halls converted as treatment centres etc. There is any such number of positive examples.

    At least on our individual level let us try to celebrate positivity and not highlight negativity. That itself will bring positive results.
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    It is human nature that we forget the past very quickly but when people have been watching negativity on a large scale how it can be changed into positivity. If the royal families were not aware of what was happening on the roads of Paris- " why people don't take bread and butter if they are hungry?" It could be the best comment from the royal family but people were facing starvation.
    It looks good to hear about positivity, nobody likes negativity- I am talking about common people. Politics, vested interests etc all these craps I am not concerned about. How we can expect when a large number of people are dying without oxygen, medicine on the road. They are informed if they seek help on social media their property will be confiscated - Should they find out a way of positivity? I don't know. I can't say how it is possible to materialise.

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    To defame the government, opposition leaders are seeking the support of media for false propaganda regarding the availability of oxygen and the deaths in an exaggarated manner. There are many medias that are anti government and supported by ill minded politicians. They are trying to fish in troubled waters.
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    After reading the thread my thoughts went to Former President Dr Abul Kalaam who shared a wonderful piece of information. Once he had been to a foriegn country and being the President , he used to get all the news papers to his table for reading and knowing the present state of affairs across the world. He was reading and referring many paper and almost every news paper carried the horrified news of accidents and death, but he chanced upon one news paper which carried the success and personal story of a farmer who has shared the new crops got from his farm, That news captivated our President and immediately rang up the editor and congradulated him for carrying that item as the banner instead of regular stories carried by other papers. This is called the positivity what the author has been trying to say, In this present situation there is more negative than the positive news.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Negative thoughts will make us helpless and we will lose our confidence. When there is an issue if we feel we can't solve that problem. the approach will be different. But if we think that we can definitely the approach will be different and we will definitely put in more efforts.
    But when we are sitting on the shore and telling the people who are about sink to think positively is easy. But when we are about to sink how we are going to react is more important. We should not discourage people who are in problem. We have to infuse confidence in them so that they will put in their sincere efforts.
    When we are going for an examination we should go with the confidence that we will be successful. Then we will try all possible ways to see that we will pass the examination. But if we think that we can't fare well, really our performance will not be our best.

    always confident

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    "Celebrate the power of positivity and the strengths of 130 crore Indians", is what the Modiji Twitter handle says. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is also trying to push this 'positivity' thought to the country by conducting lectures to the public according to the media. Modiji also wants the officials to communicate the positive work of the government during this pandemic.
    The second wave of the pandemic is causing great damage to public confidence. Shortage of oxygen, hospital beds, covid treatment medicines everywhere. People are dying, crematoriums and graveyards are busy with dead bodies throughout the day. How there can be positivity? An old man surviving or a good recovery rate does not instill positivity in people. One can understand the severity and helplessness only when the problem lands at one's doorstep. Talkingof positivity is very easy until we face the problem.

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    Perhaps the tears are way too many to highlight the cheers...
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    A single ray of optimism can instill hope of getting well again in mind of many Indians. I was reading that many people are dying because of panic created in their heart about covid and not with COVID. It's necessary and prime duty of government to tell real conditions about pandemic prevailing in the country as nation must be well aware about this but if with telling surging cases they too include motivational speeches and tell about other sorts of arrangements made to fight this invisible enemy then it can be very helpful in this situation.

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    There are so many fake news and rumours in the media and then some of the fake or true negative news and it is a mess going through them. It is better to avoid this junk in the internet news sites or channels which pollutes our mind.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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