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    Attire and the actions should match

    Arriving at the Sabarmati Ashram, the monk liked the atmosphere there. He approached Gandhiji for permission to spend the rest of his life there. Gandhiji said: It is our good fortune that you are staying here. But you have to give up this attire.
    The monk asked: Am I not a monk? Why leave this costume then?
    Gandhiji replied: I told you to leave not asceticism, but to change the costume only. If you walk here in this guise, the ashram residents will not allow you to do any work here. Moreover, they will rush to serve you out of respect for you. We are all people who can serve each other.

    The costume will tell the attitude and deeds. One's clothing is a clear example of condition and function. The costume of a king and a servant is different. The outward appearance of the leader is not to a follower. It is not the actions that are suitable for the attire, but the attire that is suitable for the actions is acceptable to people.

    It is unbelievable that anyone in a position of authority wearing a scepter and crown and telling loudly they are servants. Not enough ordinary clothes and facilities to serve the common people? If you are not able to get acquainted and assimilate, then do not tell the service is the mission. Respecting those in authority is enough, there is no need to decorate. No one has a greater obligation to love and help one another.
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    Once again the author has brought in a very good thread insisting that the attire and the actions should match. In this regard I wish to bring the attire worn by the personal bodyguard of Collector and they are called Dharuka and they have to wear that special attire with a strip across their body in red color to indicate the person next to him is Collector. This practice was carried out since the British era and it is still continued. Likewise, the judge would also have the personal body guard and that would tell us the next person to him is judge. Likewise, our President's body guards are very strong and more in numbers and their attire can easily tell us that they are the elite President's armed forces. Even the black cat commandos present alongside the PM or other VIP indicates their attire and action to which we can easily make out.
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    Attire reflects the inner feelings of the person. Some attire brings arrogance and superiority complex. Wear expensive clothes and feel arrogance in you. This is natural as expensive attire makes a man feel that he is wearing expensive clothes and his clothes single him out of others.
    Mahatma Gandhi was a historical personality. When he was in England for study he would attire like English. He would go to the party too. But when he faced apartheid in South Africa and stood for equality and justice for black and brown people he faced a tough challenge from the government. It changed him from inside. He put off his clothes and became a monk
    Winston Churchill commented on him "half-naked fakir " but this thin and lean Oldman shattered the whole of the British Empire from India to England.
    His life gives us a message that merely changing your attire has no importance until you change your inner soul also.

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    Attire should be in accordance with our age also. A 60 years person can't go for an attire which is good for 18 years person. It looks odd. Attire should also be in accordance with the work we do. A farmer can't go and work with a suit in the field. So his attire should be as per the convenience to his work so that he will not have a problem while working.
    During my intermediate, our Telugu lecturer used to wear Dhoti. One day he wore a trouser instead of Dhoti. We all got a little astonsihed. He told us that he was coming to the college on that day from a near by city. He was to travel by bus which was very crowded. It will be difficult for him to travel in that bus with a Dhooti and hence he decided to wear a trouser. To suit for his travel he came with a change in his attire.

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    The author narrates a beautiful incident giving a moral lesson. When we are in school, we have to press the school uniform clean and well, all the children in school are very conscious of the uniform. In the class, when some children get a special post on the basis of their merit, such as to monitor, discipline head, etc., a batch is provided so that they can be identified separately. From the school day itself, you can understand what is the importance of attire.
    As the author said, our attire and action should be the same, I completely agree with this. By wearing the crown only, the king will not be considered a true king unless he acts for the benefit of his subjects. The first religion of the king is to protect the subjects in every way and take care. Only if the king performs his duties can he prove the importance of a crown.

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    Some people wear costly dresses to impress others but when it comes to actions or helping others, they are not interested in that part. People are initially attracted to them but later come to know their real worth and start avoiding them. We should not assess the worth of a person from his attires or dress as that would be very misleading most of the times and we should rather judge a person by his deeds.
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    Common people generally get attracted to the dress or attire of a person. It is very interesting to note that on the first look we give too much value to the attire. For example if a person comes to us in an army dress we have a feeling for him likewise but if the same person comes to us in a dress of a saint then our feelings would change. Sometimes there is a purpose behind an attire and it works also. For example the workers in a factory wear same dress which gives a sense of discipline and order. This type of dress code is good because it is directly linked with their work.
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