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    Listen fully and patiently to others

    Although it was a farming village, there was no crop. Everyone is starving. An expert team came to learn why. They examined and studied the weather, soil, water, etc. in a few days. Everything is most suitable for cultivation. They called the farmers and said: "We will start cultivating tomatoes here tomorrow. We have never seen such good soil! We can show that the cultivation is successful. "A farmer headman stood up to say something, but they refused to say it. "You should not make any excuses," the team of experts forbade him. In two days they completed the cultivation and left the field and returned. When they returned a few days later to assess the progress of the crop, all the tomato plants were destroyed. They asked the farmers: "What happened?" The head of the farmers said: "What we were trying to say that day was that you did not agree. It's not because of the bad weather or bad soil, it's because of the animals from the nearby forest attack that destroys now and then everything."

    We must allow others to tell us what to say. We must be prepared to listen. Knowledge alone is enough to tell. But listening also requires willingness and patience. Not all scenes can be seen with one's own eyes alone. Do not boast that all sounds can be heard only with your ears. Only by listening to the pros and cons, one can distinguish between the two.
    Research that is done solely to prove one's expertise and knowledge may not be effective. If you want to study someone or place, you have to live there!

    The study reports and the opinions are away from the reality if it is prepared from a distant perspective over a short period. If trying to know anything, need to know it from all sides. The role of counselor should be taken only if one is willing to identify the real problems that everyone is facing.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went during the days when my mother was alive and she used to insist me to a particular doctor only and not others on the CGHS dispensary which always had four doctors in attendance. When I kept on persisting as to why she is demanding same doctor to visit, she said is the apt listner and fully understands my problems and never allow me to stop saying. That was a good reasoning given by my mother and I also felt that that doctor never gets annoyed even my mother speaks in Tamil and I need to translate in Telugu and then he will respond, vice versa, though it is time consuming thing, the doctor was patiently hearing always with smiling face and probably for this reason many patients are queing for him always. Therefore in future we should develop this great trait that we should listen fully from others.
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    Prejudice, presumptions and superiority complex often lead people to think that the other person or listener might not be able to understand the whole gist of whatever is being said and thus the negligence and ignorance of their opinion. Like in this case scientist already assumed that the farming community might not be that intelligent to understand the nuances of how fertility of the soil and other things works and did not heed what the farmers were saying.
    In any kind of communication, one should not go with presumptions, biases and thinking about the superiority of their own arguments. To have effective communication and an effective result, one should be ready to lend an ear to every suggestion given on any such platform.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Very good thread raised by the author. It happens in our life also. Sometimes we are so much confident about our way of working that we did not care about the condition and not try to listen to anybody but when the result came we failed in the case because of half knowledge gained by us. It's usually said that inappropriate and half knowledge always lead to destructive ways. Similarly not a similar method can be used in all cases
    But in the story team leader was so much overconfident about his working and didn't hear to village head which is the biggest mistake as village men residing in the area are more capable to understand their problems. So we must understand all parts of something and then react because proactiveness is sometimes harmful.

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    It is the problem with many bosses. They suggest something and when somebody tries to say their observations, they will not listen. Instead, they shout at the individual and force him to do whatever they instructed. Such people want to get proved that they are wrong. They never like to make a successful attempt by lending their ears to others also.
    When somebody comes to you and start telling you something if you listen to him carefully, he will be happy and he feels half relieved from the problem. Even when a patient goes to a doctor, if the doctor listens carefully to the patient, the confidence level of the patient will improve and the chance of his getting cured will improve.
    In many situations simple hearing is not enough. They should hear and understand what the other person is telling. That will make us more conversant with the issue.
    The people who are involved in the work and do with their hands will understand the problem in a better way than the person who is seeing their working. So when those people are trying to tell something we should not ignore them and we should pay attention to their words also.

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    It is said if we want to convince other people to what we want to convey, first we should be a good listener. Listening to other.person makes him feel good and finds himself closer to a food listener. Even someone is talkative but if he is a good listener his talking will not be boring for others. However, in all situations it is does not work, particularly in politics and when someone is a spokesperson of any political party and he's representing his party in debate show or on similar platforms ,he must not be a good listener , rather he must be a good liar and must be expert in diverting the issue. We can observe these special qualities of all party spokespersons. They can't be defeated in debate. These people are so much expert that nobody can convince them while they are discussing any issue. These are amazing people. Sometimes, I wonder about them how a person can lie with so much confidence and conviction.

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    The author is right, one should listen patiently to others. A communication or conversation called perfect when both parties able to keep their view and when both listen to each other full of focus. Some people have a bad habit that they never want to listen to what one is saying and just want to continue their own opinions and prove themselves right all the time. Infect most of the time if people have to listen to others they actually present as a listener but at the same time in their mind they were thinking about their thoughts what they want to share, and just waiting for their chance. This is actually the wrong way of communication infect if you are not to be a good listener then it would be more difficult for you to be a good speaker too. One should be presentable during any conversation by being a good listener, there is nothing to worried about because we will et more chances to keep our view also.

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    It is very danger if not hearing others properly. It has been clearly reiterated in 'silappathikaram', Tamil ethics where Kovalan, a trader of Chola destiny came to Pandya reign for better living. Kovalan went to a goldsmith for selling his wife's anklet. But the goldsmith who stoled the Queen's anklets handed over him as thief. King without proper hearing ordered his minister to kill by chopping his head. Kannagi,wife of Kovalan heard this went to courtyard and made the king about his mistake through her argument. Realised king and queen died in the courtyard itself. Subsequently Kannagi cursed to the entire city got in fire and accordingly the total city got ruined in fire. The total ruin of reign is because of poor hearing. Our ethics have given many ways of perfect living, we should honour our own culture.

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