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    Teach children the importance of 'sharing is caring'

    When there is a very young child in the family and we give him/her anything to eat, he becomes very happy, and if that item is his favorite one, then as soon as you forward your hand and ask him to share it with you, the child immediately tries to hide it or says, its over, it's not there. When the child is young, we laugh at his response because that innocent child, and we repeatedly asking for enjoyment, but gradually it becomes a habit, and even after he grows up, he does not get the feeling of sharing, so it is important for the children to learn that sharing is caring.
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    It is imperative that we should inculcate the habit of sharing and caring to the children and they would continue the legacy further when the grown up. In this regard I wish to recall the tv ad by cadburys which is on the same subject. The school boy would be going with his mother and spots a small boy helplessly looking at him. Having realised his good trait, he shared the chocalate he was having and the smile on the small boy was the million dollar virtue. Such a lovely ad was made on the theme of sharing and caring. When the animals are imbibing this train of sharing and caring, then why not the human beings. We the parents must make the habit of sharing and caring for the child from the childhood and that legacy would continue till the elder stage. One thing is sure, the those who care others, their children would be watching them closely and imitate.
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    The children will learn what you teach. If we tell them the importance of sharing and caring, they will understand it properly. If we tell them not to give anybody, they will not give even to you.
    My granddaughter is having the habit of distributing whatever she has to all the members of the house. When I give her a biscuit packet, she opens it gives one biscuit to every member of the family and then she takes it. This habit she got because her father used to do that in her presence. If somebody is not there at the time of distribution, she keeps one separately for that member and gives it after he comes home.

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    The children are the innocent idols and they would follow exactly what you say till they attain ten to twelve years old. They learn a lot from their parents provided the parents pay sufficient time for their upbringings. A sincere attempt made in that direction would never go in vain , they are to receive all the inputs. Hence one should be careful while talking to children and in the event of slip of your tongue with some filthy remarks, the brain of the child is sensitive and as such he will pick it up. Patience, sacrifice, sharing anything with others could be seen within the child if the parents inculcate these habits among the children at the very early stage.

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    All activities of children are nice and pleasant, even they do kind of bad activities, please us. I have observed some children are very naughty, mischievous and impudent in childhood but when they grow up they leave all their bad traits and become very good boys/girls. The author has reminded us how children hide things and dont give to others etc. I do not think a child will continue doing so when he grows up.

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    If we do not inculcate the feeling of sharing in the children then they will become selfish and self centred and will not bother for others. That is not a desirable trait in this world because we have to learn sharing and caring in this world for mutual survival and progress in our lives. Parents should take much care while inculcating these good things in the children and as is said that one can impress and make the other person learn by examples, one has to show them it happening in the family when parents deal with friends and relatives. The children pick up fast what they see happening around.
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    Sharing of this message is good. I used to show crow to my brother's daughter as it gives voice before eating the food we offered as if it calls other crows to share. And I used to tell her,' we should share and care others always and you should treat all your friends equally'. One day she showed me a dog barking near a dustbin where a buffalo came there and told me,'Bade pappa, we should never be like a dog"

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