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    We can not solve all problems by one formula.

    In school days, when we had to solve many maths questions, many formulas were attached to them and every formula was used to solve a particular question. At that time, we used to remember different formulas for every problem, because any question can be asked in the exam, there is no certainty for it.

    In the same way, if we look in the maths of our life, then we also find that the problems are uncertain, they can arise anytime, where we need to apply the correct formula as per the problem as the different problem has different formula here also, but we should always consider the solution or formula after assessing each problem properly because many times we accidentally use the wrong formula and make that problem even more complex.

    So without worrying, observe the problem carefully, by doing so, you will definitely find the correct formula that would be helpful to solve it.
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    Peoblems are not identical, problems may not be same, problems are unlimited and yet the dimensions may be different, In that case it cannot be solved with one formula, but by the virtue of past expereince and set rules through which some problems can be mitigated. When the problems are created for the sake of having grudge and giving undue pain to the others, there may not be solution for it as it is woven with grudge and punitive action. And we have to observe each problems carefully. Elders in our family used to say that every problem has the solution and we need to understand the same source to get rid of the problem. Those who ran away on the sight of the problem, they are the losers and proved to the world that they cannot sustain pressure and solving tendency and thus they need to have over hauling in their life for good.
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    That is true. We have to deal with different problems in our lifetime. Each problem has to be attacked differently. We can't follow the same procedure for all the problems. Different people view the same problem differently. The ways they follow for solving the problem also may be different. All depends on the wisdom of the individual. Sometimes we will not attack the problem immediately thinking that the problem is simple. But over a period of time, the problem may become severe and many efforts may be required to come out of the problem.
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    Problems are parts and parcels of one's life but most of the time without tackling the main problem we create a panic of it and that panic again emerges as new problem and a web of problem started weaving around us. Thats make a simplest problem into difficult one. But why?
    Because we don't know the correct way to tackle it. The formula of solving problems of life is not gained from bookish knowledge but it's all part of one's experience in life. The more we are known to problems the more we can find to get out of them. So in real life also we have to learn lot of formulas i.e. experiences to get out of our problems and to stay happy and protected.

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    Interesting post by the author. Many times we all get trapped by the problems. Instead of getting rid of problems, we get entangled in them because we are not aware of the problem at first. As we have learned in schools that before working out any difficulty we must first discern and understand the problem thoroughly. Once the problems are determined it becomes lenient to use the appropriate formula to unravel them.

    Applying the improper procedure leads to bad results which directs to various complications, waste of time, and decimation of resources as well.


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    Very true. If there is always a problem in life, a formula is enough to overcome it. (If such a problem is solved, it will not be repeated. Even if repeated, the solution is ready for us.) Then every day, sometimes every hour, the problems come and go. Each has a different look and feel. Therefore, separate formulas and calculations are required to solve each. Many people often fall on this. Issues that we do not think about come before us as problems. We do not have ready-made solutions for each of them. The next problem that comes to us is when you are thinking about solving a problem in your eagerness to solve it. That is when we seek the help of those who close to us. They will be solved a lot of problems during their life cycle so they can give us a remedy for some of our problems. When it is poured into us, we too come to the solution of the problem.
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    , Life is uncertain and problems in life are also unexpected. But life is not like mathematics, so there can't be some fixed formulas that are applied to some problems and other formulas to solve some other type of problems. Man learns to solve his problems himself and experience makes him a perfect man of solution. Every time new problems come with new puzzles and our experience helps us to find a suitable solution to the new problem.
    As a human, it is our responsibility to find the solution of problems if another person is facing because it is always praiseworthy to help our brother or sister if he/she is any problem. It often happens that a person is facing a problem and he finds it very hard to solve his problem but we have already undergone such a situation and we found the solution to that problem, so it is our responsibility to extend our support to him to solve his problem.

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    We cannot compare maths forumla with life's formula. The formula for maths is a predetermined one for each different maths, but life has no written formula, and that has to be thought well and applied as per the situation.
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