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    No need of reacting to everything

    Life is only a preparation and review of revenge when it comes down to taking revenge on those who ridicule and oppose it. Hatred never ends. The reason for this is that there is no answer as to who will end it. Ego protection is the ultimate goal of all revenge. Ignored ridicules and rumors cannot grow up. Without manure and water, they will perish by themselves. If you go to respond, there will be more people on each side, so it will grow and spread. Even if those who started responding leave, those who joined will be handed over.

    It is easy to react to provocations. They are hard to ignore. What a person responds to is his or her weakness. Those who travel only with reaction to everything will never have their deeds. Get caught in someone's bait and destroy yourself.

    Why respond to everything? Only listen and respond if you get improvement or experience. The body and mind become more unclean if trying to resist the person who makes ridicule. No one wants to fight those who do not get tired and do not fight back, no matter how much they are ridiculed or abuse. The natural response of time will resolve the ridicule. Until then, restraint is possible only for those with strong character.
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    No need of reacting to everything ? Thats very interesting. But we get tempted to react for the matters which is known to us but someone says the same with different tone and that needs to be addressed. And those who are concerned with the issue or matter need to react otherwise people take that as our weakness. Even in this forum I wish to respond and react to those threads which are near to my understanding level, and of course this trait has been developed over the course of 12 years attachment with this site. But again some threads may not be attended for no or nil knowledge.
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    There is a big difference between reacting to the things and responding to the things cordially and logically. Reacting to things just like that is a bad habit and many people pick up it since their growing years when these traits are formed due to the environment where they live and grow up. The person who has a tendency of reacting or jumping on others statements does not use his mind and speaks without thinking about it. Generally, the reaction will be in a nature of aggression and offence and the other person gets the feel of it just by the tone of the response.
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    That is said, you don't have to respond to everything. Tell and respond to what you can authentically say. Leave out what is not. Intervene in getting us prosperity or life experience, otherwise, give up.
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    I agree with the author. Many people try to say something or others against us or in favour of us. We need not react to each of such sayings. Some people try to provocate us with their words and we may pick up a quarrel with such people. Some people try to please us by saying something and we may believe them. But the same person may talk behind us differently. That is why it is always better to be silent and let us not get into ego problems.
    When we are nothing to add we need not respond to the questions of others. But when there is something we can add or we can differ with already mentioned ideas we can say something. We should come out with genuine information only on which we will have complete understanding.
    Based on the nature of the other person also we can decide whether we should intervene or not. Sometimes even though our intentions are good, the other person may not take them in the way we thought.

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    A good suggestion is given by the author through the thread. Some people are highly reactionary, reacting immediately to any event, without considering what the whole matter was about it. In response, we must first decide whether it is really suitable for our response or not. We can easily avoid many big controversies if we do not immediately give any negative feedback. By remaining silent anyway, we only give a kind of response to the person in front. You believe it or not, but more than your words, your patience produced by your thoughts, your patience or reaction will be passed on to the person in front. Just by the immediate reaction, we may start disputes, arguments that will convert into a quarrel soon. So it would be a better option to avoid reacting to every small incidence but to an extend.

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    The author has raised a question if we should react to every provocation and also revenge should be taken or not. I think if we overreact to every activity, remark, comment that appears to be against us in any way we are going to be disturbed effortlessly. I think we should ask a question to our inner conscience whether or not we should throw repercussions to everyone?
    I strongly believe that we are highly ego-centric people. We should learn to ignore people because this is the best way to counter all ill feelings or ill thoughts or ill mentality or ill talks etc. It is a fact that we can not take revenge to everybody, probably, who ever hurt us. It is weird of us. We should take it lightly. We should respect everybody then we can expect that other people will also be respecting us. Putting ourselves among naive or nascent or careless will go against us.

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    We are unnecessarily perturbed if any passes any adverse comments on us. Take it granted whatever you do they would tell you something which may not suit you temperament. If you are a task oriented man, pay attention to your own job so that you can concentrate on the same fully. There might be some lapses on your part while carrying out any job but that can be corrected if you analyse the same with your open heart. You need to ignore such situations without making any response. More you are responsive to such remarks, more you will distracted into your job.

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