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    Diabetes was not an old disease and no one was diabetic

    I am a diabetic. When I wanted to know some old native medicines available for cure, I refered a very old Tamil Book on Medicines "Anubogavythia (Brahma Rahasiam) published in the year 1913. It contains 8 chapters. The cost of the publication printed is Just Rs. 3/- only. The copy was bought by my great grand father and was preserved by my father, and is now with me.

    I referred all the eight chapters of that book and I could not find a single word about diabetes or blood sugar or anything pertaining to diabetics.

    Does it mean that there was no disease like diabetes earlier and it is the new disease that got introduced in the last century or few decades ago?
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    What the author has revealed seems to have the meaning. When my father and grand father were lived, they were never complained of diabetes, may be the modern medicine has taken this mention to create own space for business and thriving on the patients. And the old people are hale and healthy as their eating habits were good and does not have any symptom of disease. And what is more suprising that they lived for nearly hundred years with all the 32 strong teeth, good eye sight and nice digestive power. That proves there was no diabetes existing in olden days and the book may be right.
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    The author is right that the diabetes complications have surged recently because of the severe stress of the patients. This causes elevation of excess high sugar.This is the principal cause of diabetes and in addition to this one, our food pattern has changed from the earlier ones. Moreover, we don't follow consistency in timings in taking our food. These are the chief contributory factors. As far as diabetes is concerned, if the sugar level at any time does not go beyond 200 mg/dl, the side effects are not so severe.
    Brahma Rasayan as being referred by the author exhibits the quality of memory enrichment producing sound sleep. Sound sleep lessens the quantum of sugar level in the blood. If the people were using this Rasayan as a tonic, that further boosted their health conditions.

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    In Ayurveda, it is called Mahumeham. This was mentioned in some Ayurvedic books. But earlier days so much importance was not given to this and no testing for this. Only experienced Ayurvedic doctors used to diagnose the same by the urination method and frequency of the patients. My grandfather used to tell me about this.
    But the limits for before meals and after meals etc. have emerged recently. Some doctors even today say that it is all a medical mafia and by changing the numbers they wanted to bring in more people so that the demand for the testing as well as for the medicines will increase.
    My grandfather lived for 82 years. Even a single time he was tested for diabetes. My mother is 83 years old. She is not diabetic. A perfect ayurvedic doctor can say whether the patient is diabetic or not without conducting any tests. The lifestyles of the persons and their food habits will have a big impact on the health of the individual.

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    I too heard through Ayurveda doctors that diabetic is not a disease but it is a symptom of deficiency of insuline in our body. To increase the level of insuline proper diet is enough rather than medicines. This version is not normally accepted by allopathic doctors. Similarly the doctors are advising not to use 4 whites, that is sugar, rice,salt and milk. But these four are very basic food for us. It may be accepted in other countries where they are not consumed widely. Moreover there is no similar advice from doctors and the advice is vary from doctor to doctor. It just confusing the patients. A senior most doctor, specialist in diabetes treatment suggested my senior when approaching for treatment, to take his normal food by splitting into two. Additional in take of sundals made of moong, Bengal gram etc., to increase protein. He, my senior followed this and now find alright -in control. Advice relating to take wheat instead of rice was denied by that doctor by saying because of taking wheat one cannot keep his glucose level under control as we can see diabetic patients in areas where the normal intake itself wheat. This present advice of taking roti is just to reduce the rice in take. Keep your mind free from stress, take normal but less food, not to keep obesity, keep walking regularly.

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    I do not know much about this, but in today's era, we can not deny that many people having sugar problems, even in this pandemic situation same people have more risk. Ayurveda also provides treatments for all diseases as same as allopathy and homeopathy, but all they have their different philosophy.

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    I do not think diabetes is a disease. Diabetes is defined as an increase in the level of sugar in the blood due to a decrease in insulin production as a result of certain diseases.
    There is a great deal of enthusiasm for doctors to declare someone with diabetes and to prescribe branded drugs (branded drugs come at a great price) to them. To make the above announcement earlier, the level of the presence of sugar in the blood has been brought down from time to time to the present minimum level. That is, it is not clear on what basis the standard limit for pre-meal tests is now set at 70 - 110 mg/dl and for post-meal tests at 80 - 160 mg/dl. It is said that in the past these were slightly higher. (I have been taking 2 different pills in the morning and one pill at night for three years to keep my blood sugar level at this standard)
    There is a backstory discussion that the drug company lobby and the medical community are unholy in setting such standards. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that pharmaceutical companies give away gifts, such as gold coins (up to a car or a motorcycle), every month based on their prescriptions.

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    Diabetes is said to be a life style disease and either got by a person from hereditary signatures or faulty life style that is taking a lot of junk and unhealthy food and lack of exercises etc.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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