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    Suggestion: Blend of practice tests section with resource section in ISC!

    The practice test section in ISC has no purpose because I have noticed that there is no contribution in this section for so long.

    I suggest that it should be opened for contribution because nowadays there is a lot of demand for online learning and practicing online mock tests not only for exam preparation but for daily learning by students too.

    The important point is to merge this section with the resources section. For example, it should be accessible for that member who writes articles such as 'Tips and tricks to solve particular problem' and 'Tips and tricks to solve trigonometry problems for a particular exam or test' etc.

    Here article writer has to create a practice test for that particular article that can be linked in that article. In this way, it becomes more beneficial and the 'practice tests section' will serve the purpose of having it on the website.

    Another essential point is to make the interface of the practice tests section a little fast or interactive.

    I call upon members to share their views as well as suggestions.
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    I do agree with the author that the practice test section was long discontinued and many new things are happening to which there is no update made as the section is closed. What the author said is right, as the section can be opened and merged with the resources section so that new additions can be made and more elaborate articles can be written on the practice test questions. And I have contributed much in the practice test session , probably 3000 questions in those days. It must be good for the students community if the practice test session is revived again or merged with the article section.
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    Practice Tests is an independent section and are not articles as such. Hence, it does not make sense to merge the two sections. The section is closed for contributions but it is not entirely wasted and does serve a purpose. If I am not mistaken, it is used by those appearing for the related exams. Also, I have a few times given links to the relevant practice test when submitting articles on entrance exams, admissions, and the like. Such inter-linking between sections is extremely useful as it keeps readers within the pages of our site.

    Regarding the interface of the section, yes, that is a good suggestion and we can forward it to the admin.

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    I have gone to the Practice test section and it is definitely useful. Many students must be visiting it and referring it time to time. Whenever there is a relevant query in Ask Experts section then we advise the person to go to these practice tests. If we write some article where emphasis is on some subject and its practice, then it makes sense to link the relevant practice page in such article.
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    The practice test section is very different from the articles. They have a completely different format and it is the source of questions for our practice tests. So, it cannot be merged with the resources section.

    They also require some level of authenticity. When we offer practice tests, we need to ensure 100% accuracy whereas in the resources section, it could be the subjective opinion of the authors. So, merging practice tests with resources is not a good idea.

    We had opened it for contribution in the past but over a period of time, we received too many complaints about the correctness of the questions/answers. That is the primary reason we closed it for contributions.

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    Thanks to the webmaster for clarifying my confusion on why the practice test section is closed for further contributions. I agree that practice tests should be 100% correct otherwise they would lose their purpose. They need utmost care before presenting them to the students. Now my query is answered.

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