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    How to abandon falling down the social media, streaming media, and worldwide web rabbit hole?

    Falling down the rabbit hole is a phrase used to describe a situation where despite finding what someone is looking for, he does not stop there rather gets stuck looking at other unwanted things.

    You all must have observed that even after getting answers to the search that we do on the internet, we also visit many such links which do not have any special value at that time. Instead, we keep eagerly searching for more. Which wastes our time. We have converted that few minutes into hours. It is a kind of hole, we keep falling until we get tired. The same thing happens while browsing videos on YouTube, and using social media websites, etc. We get more distractions and due to which our time management is greatly affected.

    What are your suggestions on how to abandon falling down the social media, streaming media, and worldwide web rabbit hole?
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    The author has raised an important hidden issue which we are all doing inadvertently and the impact is massive on misusing our own available time on the internet by browsing to unwanted links even after we got the required information. Here what I want to share that the links are so attractive and nearly to the striking urge of our previous requirements on the same subjects and thus we deviate to go for such links which are not so important right now and create a mess for ourselves as we are running of out time for the main task to which we started browsing. One thing is sure, the internet lay out is organized in such a way that more related links are given and that would tempt us to going on browsing and there is no end card. So none can help and we have to restrain ourselves from over indulgence and respect the time and task on our hand.
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    Browsing internet for hours is wasting time. I donf think if a sane person will waste his time on internet but stupid and dawdler. These JIO and other companies have given unlimited data because they know that people have time to spend with their mobile. Many people are around us who are always busy with social media. They never come offline. Internet has become their world and they can't live without internet. Our teenagers are wasting their lives with their mobile and there is nobody who can stop them. They are crazy for narcissism. Self-praisning is their passion.
    The problem which the author has brought can be handled easily, get yourself involved in some concrete activities instead of sticking to internet. If someone is happy for wasting his life with internet let him do, who cares to stop him. I feel pity for young children who are found sitting in a corner of any street while watching wrong videos or movies and parents have no time to check their activities.

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    I think we should have the skill of time management. We have to decide on the maximum time that we can spend on a particular topic. The time we decide should be realistic and should not be very less or very high. We should practice the habit of time management. When we have that limit we know that we have to finish the work by that time. Then we will search into unwanted issues.
    Another quality one should practice is sticking to the work. We should stick to the work we have planned. We should see that all our efforts should be around that goal only. Then we will not get diverted to other issues. If there is no sufficient work on hand also we will get into rabbit holes. So we should create sufficient useful work so that we will not waste our time and efforts on unwanted issues.

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    Another best example of a rabbit hole is the 'shorts' feature - short video clips. Most of the time we swipe the video right after another video. I do not like this feature. Only superfluous videos that have no significance.

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    This type of the things happen often and we fall in that trap of relentless searching. What I can suggest from my experience is it is better to note down or bookmark the good sites where valuable information is available and next time go to that only.
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