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    Target 90 lakh doses a day to complete by Dec- Is that possible?

    India has draw a mammoth plan of giving 90 lakhs shots per day for the youth of 18 to 45 and the country has made arrangements to complete the vaccination by the end of this year. Indeed it is huge and biggest task ever initiated by any government in such a large scale. But the main doubt arise as to given the rising cases, and main hospitals taken for isolation care, how the doctors are going to vaccinate such a huge population of youth who cannot sustain the patience to stay in quite for long hours leaving their work task at peril. What is your suggestion to govt. ?
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    If the vaccines are available in time and Govt increases the number of vaccination centres then it is not difficult to achieve this target. As per the information available in the media Govt is roping in the students who are doing their internship after completing MBBS and that would really going to help much. Generally the nurses and other healthcare persons will be doing the job of vaccination. The nurses which have just completed their nursing course can also be recruited in an emergency way without wasting time in recruitment formalities. The public should also keep patience and cooperate with the authorities in this massive task and take full care and adhere to discipline in the vaccination centres. Together we can achieve this mammoth work and it requires a team approach and I hope that we will success in this. Remember, no Govt can success in any of its efforts if the people of the country do not cooperate.
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    Injecting the vaccine is not an issue as it is a very small job and can be finished easily. Under the supervision of a doctor, many nurses can work and complete the task. But the main hitch will be manufacturing and storing the vaccine and transporting them on time to the places where it is to be administered. Cold storage and cold transportation are important.
    The government might have taken the opinions of manufacturing companies and other scientists who are involved in the task. They should calculate the total manufacturing capacity and whether any import is required is also to be worked out. All the think tank might have done the exercise correctly and they might have drawn the plan. In such a case we need not worry about the capability. Without getting into all these details if a plan is made also no problem but they should create the infrastructure required for the manufacturing, distribution and administration of the same. I wish and hope that the government will be successful in implementing its plan and come out successfully.

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    It is a welcome news for us and I hope that it will be administered honestly. There should not a any politics now. I wonder to see how common people are also involved in playing politics.
    Vaccination is said to be necessary to eliminate this virus from the country. We need to work as a team.

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    Setting targets mired in ifs and buts is not going to help at all. The vaccine diplomacy of Shri Modi and the deplorable laxity and apathy of the centre in particular and of the states, in general, has driven us to where we are today.

    At a time when we are able to administer just about 16 to 17 lakh doses per day and the projected requirement, for administering the vaccine to the entire population by the end of this year, is about 75 lakh (appx) doses per day, combined with the acute shortage of vaccines, the target set by the government is almost like a mirage. The government is moving ahead on expected calculations (or is it miscalculations?) while the actual fact on the ground indicates a sorry state of affairs. We are still short of vaccines and procuring vaccines and ensuring its administration to the entire population is not an easy task and is, as per reports, not achievable as stipulated.

    Having faulted and faltered in the beginning or at the right time, the promises being made by the centre should, at its best, be disregarded as mere rhetoric. Let us do our best by wearing masks, washing and sanitising our hands, maintaining social distancing, moving out only during emergencies and last not but not least, praying to the Almighty to keep us safe!

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