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    What do you like - Fiction or Non-Fiction?

    Reading is a very good and relaxing habit, I was fond of reading since I was in 8th grade, but at that time I liked reading other motivational books, not just school books, so I got scolded many times. But when I was in college, I had learned to manage my studies and my hobby. I started with non-fiction books, so I was more interested in that only. Today I have enough collection of both fiction and non-fiction books and now I read both but even if I choose one today, I prefer to read non-fiction first, but many times the title of books is and it's summery also become a reason for me to buy and read the book.

    What is your favorite choice in this hobby, do you also read books on the basis of fiction or non-fiction, or the title and author of books attract you more. Please share your experience and also share your "favorite book" among those have you read so far.
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    My journey of reading started when I was in my class VIII and some of my classmates used to bring very attractive children story books and magazines to share with others. Unfortunately our financial condition was not good to have those luxuries and I relied on lending those books from others. That was the time (around 1964) when there were so many hindi detective and suspense stories coming in the market every month as cheap suspense and detective novels and I became addict to them. I still remember the series having Vinod-Hameed as detective pair by the writer Ibne Safi, BA, which every month came with a new plot of grabbing the criminals or solving a mystery. Next year, I got introduced to some social stories by Prem Chand and other authors and I started to read more of them.

    My good luck started soon when I found that there was a Govt district library full of all sorts of books and the membership was free and at a time two books were issued. There were thousands of books there and it might look unbelievable that I had read a good part of that by the time I reached my final year graduation (1970). One interesting thing was that during that time I shifted from Hindi to English books and that was a new chapter in my life as reading in another language is always a thrill. Surprisingly, I also found that human emotions and their expressions were same around the world and it does not matter in which language they were expressed by the author.

    I disconnected with that library when I left my native place for doing PG elsewhere. Then started the phase of reading non-fictions and technical papers and literatures of all kinds and that gave more insight to me for peeping in the ocean of knowledge. Now the reading phase is subdued and the writing phase started (since 2011) and may be it was what I read that I do not find any shortage of ideas and themes when I want to write something. Presently I am active in 5-6 sites including my blog although my major contributions are in ISC and one other site. I strogly believe that reading is the foundation stone for writing.

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    Umesh Sir, you are one of the most senior authors of ISC and I glad to know about your interesting reading journey. At ISC there are many more senior authors, so we all new authors are excited to know about their journey too.

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    In our olden days we are accustomed to the small school library in which only text books and news papers are kept. Even commic and cartoon character books are not kept. That means we have been denied with fictional and non ficational books of those times. Only after passing out 10th and we are about to take admission for intermediate, we chanced upon to the state central library at the Ashok Nagar and that was far from our college. Even then we had the bus pass and used to go for various books and there we read Ambulimama in Tamil, and Champaklal in English. Apart from that various small story books are kept. Since the library was far away and I went to Delhi after completing the Intermediate, my stint with public library discontinued and thereafter my extra time went for working in the company and no scope for further studies of any books.
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    When I was in my teens I had no specific choice as such , however, my elder brother who was doing graduation and I was in middle class, he was fond of reading fictions, novels and other magazines. He would buy fictions and novels of different writers every.month and I would read them and gradually, I became regular reader of these fictional stories too. I was fond of detective stories. How the writer would introduce unprecedented , unknown, innovative ideas , unheard technologies, surprisingly which were invented and introduced in the market in coming years. How these writers could think about these unique ideas surprised me.

    Now I see people dont spend money on buying books. They have other interests to spend their time in. Now, Indint like fictional stories, however, if the writer has some unique idea and style of writing I may read it too.
    Nowadays, I prefer to watch short movies based on real stories, rural environment and nature.

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    I started reading books from my early age when I was in High School. In addition to school books, I used to read some other books. My father is a scholar in Telugu. I used to sit with him and started learning Sanskrit and I read some Sanskrit books also at that time. I like reading epics like Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagavatam. Initially, I was not understanding the poems. So I used to read the above epics written in prose. Slowly I started reading poems also. Even today I read some of such books at least for an hour a day.
    During my college days, I started reading some novels and detective books. The selection of the book used to depend on the time and mood of my mind. When my mood was pleasant I used to go for a non-fiction book. When I was in a different mood I used to go for a fiction book.
    Once I entered University, I stopped reading these books and I used to spend a lot of time reading my subject books in the library. Many days I used to sit in the university library referring chemistry books for doing the literature survey that was useful to my Project work and later on for my PhD.
    After entering in career my reading habit has come down and mainly concentrated on reading whichever is essential only. Some management books. HR books and technical books required for my job are only referred to during my career.
    Now I have sufficient free time so I started again reading epics written in Telugu. My father is having a very good collection of these books. I am using his library.

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    I developed the habits of reading novels and story books of the eminent writers once I entered into class eight. I got a lot of amusement while reading some of the stories of Premchand such Namak Ka Daroga, Pus ki Rat, etc which aroused my curiosity to go ahead for other contributions written in the form of novels. Some of the fine novels which may provide you pure entertainment relating to characters of different heroes in his novels are Godan, Nirmala and other interesting features. Moreover in the school days, I learnt Bengali from my colleagues and then I enjoyed the contributions written by Late Ravindra Nath Tagore and all his creations are marvellous. His novels are really interesting and one of such novels is Gora depicting the marvellous sketches of human characters. His songs known as Ravindra Sangeet are so sweet and melodious that you would not like to have any break.
    I have enjoyed the contributions of the different writers such as Mahadevi Verma, Mahasweta Devi, Maithili Saran Gupta, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Ravindra Tyagi etc and I could get unique tastes in their contributions. Even at this stage, I enjoy reading of the different novels and stories of the distinguished writers to keep me refreshing.

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    Thank you so much to all authors for sharing your reading journey with as much detail. Reading is a very enjoyable and relaxing mind hobby, I am thankful to God that I have found it as my favorite hobby.

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