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    Is sugarfree tablet useful or harmful to diabetic patients?

    There are lot of companies producing sugarfree tablets for use by the diabetic patients. I have been informed that such tablets are not useful but harmful. I wish to know from the members whether sugarfree tablets are really useful or harmful to our health.

    What are sugarfree tablets and are made of what chemical components? Let us not fall prey to such false tablets if they are really harmful to us. Please throw some light on this subject.
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    It is expressly understood that the diabetic patients must keep the sugar way. Even the sugar free pills there are contents of having the sugar and therefore many patients are shying away from using the same. One my relative is the Medical representative whose company manufature the sugar free tablets and he advised me not to take sugar free tablets and he discontinued to his mother also. Since those tablets are artificially made with usage of chemicals and some people are averse to usage such components, and thus proved to be harmful. My friendly advise to diabetic patients is to accept the beverages like, tea or coffee without the sugar, and that taste over the period of time get habituated to our body and keep going. By the way I am also averse to sugar free sweets which are sold in some sweet shops and probably they are using the sugar free tablets.
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    Many doctors now say that sugar-free tabs & powder are also not good for diabetics. It was thought that it was natural sweetness like the 'double sweetness' (Iratty Madhuram-in Malayalam) mentioned in Ayurveda. However, the company claims that this sugar-free powder/pill is made from aspartame, which is extracted from protein and other ingredients. They have written it publicly on the packet. I have been started using sugar-free sachets called 'Sugar-Free Gold' before 3 years. But they wrote on the packet itself that ' Sugar-Free Gold' is just a brand name and it 'Not represent the true nature.' It is also written that it is safe for daily consumption. But I bought a packet of 50 sachets of 0.75 gm each and 7 sachets are still left. I stopped using it by not told by a doctor. It is from my thinking. If your doctor tells you not to eat sweets anyway, you have to guess what kind of sweets is not to be used. The first thought was to eat fruits and other foods made with jaggery. But now doctors have started saying that its sweetness will also mix with the blood and therefore should not be eaten.
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    Many of the sugar-free tablets are synthetic chemicals. There are some sugar-free tablets extracted from natural products. But they are not safe for people. Many people think that taking a diet coke is safe for a diabetic patient. But it is not good for even a normal person also . These artificial sugars are having the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This may lead to cardiovascular disease, These artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and saccharin,
    All these synthetic chemicals will contain some ingredients as slight impurities which will impact our health adversely. They concentrate more on the main ingredient but they never see that side effects due to the impurities that are present. These synthetic chemicals may cause health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Many doctors advise not to use any added sugars even for normal people and they never advise these artificial sweeteners for diabetic patients.

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    Whatever claim the manufacturer can provide you relating to their products, it is not safe to use for such chemicals which can offer you sweetness in your beverages. Even there is no recommendation of the doctors to use the sugar free tablets containing saccharine, aspartame , Sucralose etc. prolonged use of such chemicals has created numerous problems in the diabetic patients such as obesity, heart disorders etc. it can provide you a false satisfaction that you are following the healthy life styles by discarding sugary items in your beverages. It would be the best on their parts to use tea without any sugar or it's substitute. Initially the taste may not be appealing but it will be a matter of a few days. You will be tuned with such beverages containing no sugar.

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