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    Why sincerity is referred as genuine honesty ?

    Sincerity is the best trait among all the best behaviors we live and discharge our daily duties, but it always said that the genuine honesty must be there behind our sincerity efforts. By sincerity itself, we drawn the conclusion that what ever is done is with full knowledge and faith and there is no question of any ill feelings or wrong doings what so ever. Then why the words genuine honesty is referred when the intentions were not otherwise to disobey or something else. I call upon the members to infer this two words and give the apt reply as to how to display our sincerity to others in work or otherwise.
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    You are sincere to your boss. So whatever work he has allotted to you will be done by you without thinking about the job. You will never think that the job allotted by your bass is legal or not. Your boss allotted to you you will do that. If the boss asks you to go and kill somebody you will kill him. That means you are sincere in your job and your boss.
    An honest person will think about the legality of the work. It is a value-based behaviour. Your conscious is always think about Universal truth A honest person will never go for jobs which cause harm to the society. He always listens to God but not about work and the circumstances. He always wants to do the right thing only. When compared to loyalty, being honest is very difficult. Sometimes your honest nature also may not be liked by your boss but he likes your loyalty.
    We need not be loyal to a boss who is not honest. At any cost, we need not go away from honesty.

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    I think sincerity means that one is a genuine person. Whatever one is seeking and whatever task one is performing is not because one wants to show his achievements to others rather one wants to taste it, despite how the taste might be.

    One can trust such a person because there is curiosity in the effort of such a person. There is no falsehood in it. If there is no sincerity in one's action then honesty doesn't grow inside them. An honest person might not be sincere but a sincere person is always honest.


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    Sincerity, integrity and honesty are close to each other. A sincere person is free from hypocrisy, deception, lying and impurity of intention. Practically, sincerity is the backbone of all positive qualities. How to judge a person is sincere for you or not is not easy, however, gradually, if the other person is masquerading as a gentleman his mask will be removed from his face. Deception can not stay for a long time. Sooner reality of such people is exposed.
    Sincerity takes its shape from intention then it moves to action and ultimately, comes to result. A sincere friend is a great asset in one's life. We should feel lucky for having a sincere friend. But sincere relationship is founded on mutual understanding and trust. This sincerity should not be hurt at any cost. If something is entrusted in this relationship it should not be contravened in any situation and at any cost.

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    Honesty is the element in which a person thinks for the benefit of all and does not do any wrong in any situation. Such a person will not support any wrong person even if that person is older than him or her position is prestigious. Honesty and sincerity are considered by many to be the same as synonyms, but in reality, when we look at practical knowledge, we find that sincerity seems to be gratitude. When a person is honest he/she will speak only what is true, but a sincere person may favour that seems to be fair in any specific situation.

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    Sincerity and honesty are two things. But in some areas, it is a combination of the two. Most employees who are declared by a superior to be sincere may not be completely honest. Likewise, all honest people will not come in the list of sincere employees of their boss.

    The measure of an employee's sincerity is that he does all the work that a supervisor requires without thinking about what it is. Such employees will be In his Good Book. The boss says that those who do what he says in the name of the upliftment of the company or organization without even thinking about whether it is legal, moral, right or wrong, are sincere to the company. But the honest will only do so if they pay attention to the moral and legal part of the job. If there is a possibility of any problems with the operation, they will inform the superior. Since most superiors know this in advance, the honest employees will not be assigned the job. Those will not be among their sincere ones.

    But sincerity and honesty are seen together when it comes to emotions such as love, compassion, and kindness. To love sincerely means to love honestly. It is the same with working with compassion and kindness for the needs of others.

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