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    When people behavior change- When not feeling well or fail in their task ?

    We often see that some people are so stubborn in their behavior and they would not change even after their malign in public. But the same person seek to change when he was down with bad health or failed in the task. Is that mean the situation and circumstances would decide the fate of the stubborn person?. By virtue of their past experience and personality cult in the society , these kind of people have their say one step ahead than others, but they may not have the same kind of treatment every time and thus one day are the other fall apart. What is your say on such kind of out of box persons ?
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    It is not universal. The behaviour of persons will be different. All will not have the same qualities. It all depends on their mindset and their understanding of life. Some people will take both success or failure in the same way. They may not be upset with a failure or they may not become over-enthusiastic with their success. Such people will be very stable and they can change their failures into success next time by studying the reasons for failure and they will take care of them in their next attempt. But some people will get upset with a failure and they will worry unnecessary and they may change their behaviour.
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    I think their persistence varies according to everyone's mood. Those changes do not change their natural behavior. Attitude changes according to the mental stress at the time. This difference is often part of a physical illness or mental illness (failure of any attempt, etc.) in some people and the extent of the difference is large. Some even become moody. Once they recover from this condition, they can be seen returning to their normal state. So it should not be seen as a big problem. It should also be remembered that such a difference of expression is especially evident in those whose minds are very sensitive. That means hard-hearted people will hold on no matter how hard it is. Sensitive hearts will soon fall into despair. It will be reflected in their appearance and actions.
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    Some people are stubborn by birth and some people are stubborn by circumstances. If the stubbornness is positive or negative? generally, it denotes a negative connotation because it brings rigidity; and the rigid and incompatible person is stark and being stark is the quality of dead.
    Some people are stubborn against dishonesty and falsehood. They are firm on truth and honesty that no enticement or greed can budge them from their place. These people are rarely seen among thousands of people. On the other side, some people are stubborn because of their riches, power, prosperity, pride and social status. Another class of stubborn people is seen around us who are stubborn for their ignorance. If you try to convince them with logic, reasoning, evidence but they will not be affected. These are strange creature. I assume them as nascent and nutcase. If I come across them in real life I try to avoid them.

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    The author's observation is perfectly correct that some people give up their stubborn nature when they are ill or in any trouble. Being stubborn is one such form of nature seen in many people in different ways. If a child insists on eating something or insists on some toy, if he is considered stubborn, then when an elder does not listen to the advice or advice of others due to his principles or rules, he will also be considered stubborn. I have also found many people these days who were happy in their stubbornness that neither the government protocols nor the advice of the doctors could change them, but only when bad things happened to them, they changed themselves and for some time stubborn nature left, but it cannot run long because it does not go smoothly. Stubborn can also be defined as negligence if it is being a reason for your unhealthy schedule. I strongly believe that stubbornness at any level will harm the people.

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