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    Keep our treasury wide open

    A devotee used to kneel and pray to God. His prayer was: "God, I do not bother you to give me a big house, a car, a big business, children, or big things to do". One day, after days of prayer, God appeared to him in prayer and asked him: "Devotee, what do you want?"
    He said: "Dear God, I have been praying to you for months to make a small need to pass on the news of the world after10 years from now". God knows every one's heart and thoughts. He gave the leading newspaper of the year 2031 on May 15. The devotee turned the pages of the newspaper and wrote down a list of the most expensive company shares. He noted the places where the land price had reached its peak etc. He is very glad to see his photo on one page and whispered my photo also published in 1931. Then he noticed its heading. It was like this: "Third Death Anniversary".

    No matter what the problems, diseases, epidemics, people are trying to achieve everything they can. Many, like that devotee, are engrossed in thinking about how to get above all in the years to come amid these problems. But he does not think that life is fleeting. There is no need to call on God not to be overwhelmed by big problems, open the treasury of feelings, wealth, love, compassion, brotherhood, etc. for the helpless fellow human beings. That alone is enough for a peaceful life.
    Can you reveal your comments on this?
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    All depends on the nature of the individual. Anyone can pray to God asking for the well being of all. All should be happy and I also should be there in all. It is the best prayer we can pray. Simply praying is not enough. If you can do something good for fellow human beings we should do that. If we do that there is no requirement of separately praying God. God will definitely help you.
    If you help a person when he is in need, you'll get help from one or the other source when you require it. So more than praying God, please God by doing good deeds and you will have the best times on earth. You can serve mankind in many ways not only by extending money but also in other ways.

    always confident

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    Greed of man has no limit, even he can play his tricks with his destiny too. Why he forgets that this life is transient and will come to an end soon. We should keep our desires in control. How to live a happy life is an open secret and the secret is that we should minimise our desires and whatever we have got in our life we should be pleased. Second important point is that we should help other people, helping others is the great source of happiness. Practically, helping others brings broad smile on faces of people and that smile brings big amount of happiness to a benevolent person.

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    Often the author brings his very own Moral message, which is commendable. At the beginning of this story, it feels as if there is pure devotion to a devotee who does not ask for anything from God but in the end, the greed and desires of a common man come. It is true that some people are running after the material things in life and want to collect so much so that the life to come can be relaxed, but they forget to do important work in this life of running, and it is necessary. The job is to live. Only the coming of breath, the functioning of all the organs of the body properly, eating, is not the only pleasure of life. This man has got a great fortune by God, live it openly. Be conscious of your goals, but also enjoy those activities around you which are being operated by the same God. We not only be alive, but we also have to live while we alive.

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    There is no end to the greed and the human being always sought more and that Dil mange more attitude has spoiled the very existence of life with dignity. God has been having our trial balance of good and bad deeds and know when and how to grant boons and we need not seek him. Moreover the comforts are provided according to the existence of life. For example if a person living in a hut cannot seek or demand a car comfort from the God, as where he would keep that in the congested slum. Therefore God should not bothered with mean requirements and mean wants. He would do the justification when the time demands and time arises. And those who seek the blessings to relieve them early from the sin and bad deeds also not possible because, the lesson would be taught and a committment would be taken from the sinner that he wil not do the same in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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