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    If at all Congress wants to come back let it allow Manmohan Singh to enter

    Over the past few years there is a yearning for Congress to come back to the power in states and center but in every elections they are being viped out to mere one or two digit winning seats and their living to the expectations of the people at national level is slowly eroding. In this regard there has been demand within the party to elevate and bring Dr Manmohan Singh, the former PM and the sound economist who has the ability to take the country forward under his leadership to bring back the past glory. So the Congress should depart from dynastic politics. Do you agree ?
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    No. Mr. MMS is too old now and won't be able to lead or take the burden on him. He will be guided by the SG and RG. He would be a puppet again. We want active politicians who is bold, can walk straight and speak clearly, not murmer. We can think of other leaders. Congress should surrender to Mamta Banerjee and request her to lead Congress.
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    Mr Manmohan Singh is a very good financial expert. That is why PVNR brought him as Finance Minister. Under PVNR's guidance, he performed well. But his administrative capabilities are not established well even though he was the PM two times. So how much help will be there to Congress by bringing him is a big question mark only. We can't expect miracles in the party by bringing him to the highest post in the party.
    Another thing is Congress party may not select any person out of the Nehru family. So chances are very remote. RG may be made president or his sister may be offered that post. This is my thinking. As mentioned by the author, Congress should do something and bring back the past glory of the party. Otherwise slowly people will forget about the party and their dream of coming back to power may not be fulfilled. This is high time the think tank of the party should do something.

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    There is no doubt that the Honorable Manmohan Singh has been a very experienced politician as well as a wise economist. In 1991, along with the policy of globalization, liberalization, and privatization, he gave proof of his knowledge. But back then, he might not be a part of it. If congress really comes back, then it will be a big question that who should be selected to take over the reins of the country.

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    I agree that Congress party is losing its charm in state elections but situation is not so much bad for congress party as the author has mentioned. Manmohan singh is a great leader. He is the right person to bring India's economy back on track but it is claimed that present government doesn't take his suggestions. As far as Gandhi family is concerned there is nothing wrong if party follow traditional Gandhi family leadership. I regard Rahul Gandhi as a great leader but some people have negative impact about him because these people are subject to false propaganda by media.
    Now the time is changing and people are realising their mistakes they have committed in past. I can't predict how much political scenario will change in India, however, I am sure changes will definitely occur in future. Let alone international media that is focussing on what is happening in India , even some media houses like India Today has given some bold analysis about present information.
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